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Tips on How to Write an Opinion Essay

Write an Opinion Essay

Students have to write different types of essays. Each has a certain purpose and many differences. In the meanwhile, they all have a lot in common. Thus, every essay written by a student demands to express his/her personal opinion. Moreover, there is a separate essay type called an opinion essay, which demands to clearly explain your point of you and justify it.

An opinion essay is oftentimes divided into several sub-types, which are a short letter to the editor, a speech of medium size, or even a lengthy research paper. sometimes, the expression of a personal attitude towards a concrete problem induces complications. Thus, students require some help. Many of them prefer to choose and pay for the professional help of this highly reputed service. However, you can do everything on your own using our smart tips on how to write an opinion essay.

Choose and Research Your Topic

Your first objective is to choose a relevant topic. Of course, if you have a chance. At times, teachers and professors assign a concrete problem and students must deal with it. If you have freedom of choice, it’s much better because you can choose a problem that appeals to you. It’s supposed to be currently relevant and focus on an important issue that has several solutions. You should take into account your audience. Try to understand what your readers would like to read about the chosen topic.

Commonly, opinion essays focus on some controversial issues and so, it’s vital to write about something new or rarely discussed. Your readers already know a lot about popular topics and your objective is to provide them with something fresh. Perhaps you should reevaluate the whole issue and review it from a different (possibly strange) angle.

Once you’ve chosen or are assigned a topic, research it. You should look inside and outside the problem to confirm that you’re an expert. Gather evidence from the official websites, articles, books, studies, surveys, and something of the kind. Refine the information sources to leave only the most effective ones.

Here are several interesting suggestions for an opinion essay:

  1. Technology Is Our Best Friend.
  2. Education Isn’t Perfect and Needs Corrections.
  3. Racism on the Campus Should Be Stopped.
  4. Some Progressive Countries Delay the Development of Smaller Regions.
  5. There Should Be No Civil Marriage.

Use Wise Arguments

As you’ll highlight a controversial, which was debated many times, you’ll have heaps of information to deal with. Read the most popular opinions for the chosen topic and check how they can interact with your attitude. For example, you may choose the following topic – Why Students Should Not Follow a Single Curriculum.

We all know that the existence of a perfect learning curriculum is a myth. It will never satisfy the needs and talents of all learners. Thus, many students and even educators argue this issue and claim that it should be self-adjusted according to the demands of a concrete student.

You may write the next “for-argument”: I believe that more freedom in choosing individual methods of learning that differ from the standard curriculum will help every student to enjoy progress much faster.

If you’re against this concept, you may write something like this: Full customization of curriculum according to every student will ruin the whole concept of education because there will be almost no control for students’ development.

Implement a Transition Statement

It’s important to make your opinion essay readable and logical. Thus, you’ll definitely require a transition statement. It shows how your ideas contribute to the development or solving of the chosen topic. Such a statement clarifies your viewpoint and shows the difference from all other arguments. For example, you may write “While I agree that there should be no single curriculum for all learners, all the changes must be strictly controlled by educators to avoid uncontrolled education of poor quality”.

Watch Your Tone

You should never insult and abuse other people. All opinion essays are quite personal and some youngsters take them to close to the heart. It’s a huge mistake because, sometimes, you may not see when you insult other people. Thus, you should avoid such statements as “People who introduce the curriculum don’t realize how weak and silly it is because a single curriculum is not perfect”.

Instead of such statements, you should write the following: “I deeply respect the intensions of educators to create a perfect curriculum, but they should always ask students before they implement it to avoid pitfalls”.

Support Your Theory with Evidence

No matter how convincing your suggestions may be, your readers won’t believe them until they see the evidence. You should operate with pure facts, which should be gathered while you research your topic. You can find trustworthy information on the following websites:

  • Governmental;
  • Educational;
  • Scientific.

At times, some non-commercial websites can likewise provide updated and relevant information. One of the best examples is Wikipedia. Nonetheless, you should always verify the facts with great caution. Non-commercial websites aren’t always the most credible ones.

Decide where and how to use the gathered facts. Make sure they logically suit the story you’re telling. Every example should explain your viewpoint. All the transitions should be implemented naturally and slightly go from one issue to another one. Don’t overstuff your text with too many details. Sometimes, two or three good examples are enough to deliver the main message.

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