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How Turkish Lamps Are Made

Turkish lamps are entirely handmade, characterized by intricate metalwork and mosaics formed from tiny crystals.

As a result, lamps with mosaics are made today using ceramics, metals, and glass. They started with ceramics, metals, drinks, and plaster and have evolved since then.

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Best Turkish lamps are made of two-layered balloons with brass metal components. The first balloon contains a glass sphere covered with a second glass sphere, creating a mosaic effect. Each light is unique and unrepeatable.

The design combinations of Turkish lights are so diverse that they provide many opportunities for interior design. Turkish lamps feature distinctive mosaic patterns on the lampshade, colors, and even designs on the lamp frame.

Turkish lamps are a decorative choice for residential and commercial areas, providing an alternative. Turkish lamps produce dazzling light when lit, one of their most impressive characteristics.

The attributes

Handcrafted by artisans in Istanbul, Turkish lights are of the highest quality. Unique, with mosaic crystals and finishes of the highest quality. The mosaics consist of glass pearls bonded together by plaster, making the glass globe durable and thick. In addition to its high performance and excellent resistance to heat up to 200 degrees Celsius, the lamp allows 60W bulbs to be placed without difficulty.

The uses of Turkish lamps

The lamps were traditionally made from opulent metals and precious stones but have now been modified in modern adore.

A variety of interior design styles can be complemented by this kind of lamp, especially for those seeking a splash of colour stunningly, since this type of lamp commands attention no matter where it is placed.

You can place them in foyers, basements, rural areas, or living and dining rooms to give them an eastern feel.

Their ambient light encourages relaxation and repose. Incredibly, the pattern of the colored mosaics produces a variety of reflections when the light is turned on. The hues are reminiscent of precious stones in the Mediterranean, which exude pleasure and revitalize any room.

In modern times, glass, beads, etc., are used in place of gems as stones. The difference between Turkish lights resides in the quality of these stones. They are distinguished from simple trinkets by their brilliance and reflections, which are readily apparent.

This eclectic mix of styles is personalized with every decorative element, making Turkish lights a perfect complement to its ageless nature.

One or more lamps can illuminate a space while adding a pop of color by using one or more lanterns. Even Turkish lights, an item that lends a unique and, above all, personal atmosphere to a space, can be easily incorporated into a traditional setting.

They are also highly valued for the lighting of pubs and restaurants, which gives them a unique and inviting appearance. It is ideal for restaurants with a world cuisine theme, cafes, and contemporary breweries since they adjust unexpectedly and stand out from similar establishments.

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