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Ecommerce is moving toward a retail era in which packaging is just as important as the goods inside. Especially when it's a gift for someone else, a shipping box can help people appreciate the gift more.

Furthermore, they can make receiving a gift more enjoyable besides protecting goods in transit. We will be taking a look at how to pack everything from everyday items like mugs, books, and pictures to shipping boxes, so join us. There are certain items that require specific shipping boxes.

With the boom in e-commerce, cardboard boxes are experiencing a resurgence. Shipping boxes play a big role in getting goods ordered online from site to site, protecting them in transit as well as enabling the recipient to enjoy a nice unboxing experience.

There are now a multitude of packaging options for shipping, including apparel boxes and cosmetics boxes designed to accommodate the latest in publishing. What options are available?

For everyday items such as books, you can order flat cardboard custom boxes wholesale. For gifts, you can order custom boxes wholesale. For electronics such as cameras or computers, you can order specialized boxes.

For more specialized uses such as laptops, cheap custom boxes wholesale are available. A variety of sizes are available, but packaging materials can also be used inside the boxes for more protection and a snug fit for the items.

However, you may not realize just how complex a cardboard box actually is. In addition to standard sizes, they are also available in various other forms, which both the shipper and customer may find more convenient when packing and unpacking goods. Flexible packaging is possible with telescopic boxes.

Some boxes have telescopic bodies with sliding lids, as an example. It ensures that nonstandard-size and nonstandard-shaped items can be packed, and that packagers and shippers need only a handful of different types of boxes to package a wide range of goods. Nevertheless: there are a variety of other boxes available to fit specialized products or to provide a good fit.

How are book boxes classified and sized? 

The growing number of bespoke book boxes designed for the protection of valuable and beautiful things such as rom-coms, classics and reference books will get your valuables to their destination in fine condition.

Various types of book boxes are available, including those that accommodate CDs, DVDs, and box sets - as well as those that are designed to accommodate different book sizes. They also offer some flexibility regarding the thickness of the boxed set or book.

Furthermore, these custom boxes wholesale can also be closed in a variety of ways. They are made of a one-piece cardboard contraption that folds over the book for easy packaging and unfolding when arriving at its destination.

These boxes are cleverly designed to accommodate a single book or multiple books, CDs and DVDs, box sets, and more thanks to their height-adjustable design. There are several ways to assemble book boxes, including glue, tape, and straps

Book boxes are tough and secure for postal or courier transportation, particularly on the corners, as they are sealed with adhesive strips, glue, tape, or strapping. One doesn't want to read a book that has bent corners, does one?

Book boxes are easily sealed with self-adhesive tape. The boxes can even come with built-in adhesive tape, which makes them even easier to assemble and adhere to the goods they contain.

How should you package pictures for shipping?

There are a variety of challenges involved in shipping pictures, and picking the right box for your pictures depends on their size and shape. These are also very fragile items that need to be packed in specialist boxes. Picture frames, paper prints, and fragile frames made of glass or wood are often packed in boxes with self-sealing lids and flat forms.

The format of photo boxes is similar to book boxes in that they are folded over the product to provide protection from scratches. Picture frames of any thickness should not pose a problem. Several packaging methods are available for the packaging of framed pictures, including tape, strapping, or a self-sealing box to keep it sealed until the recipient opens it.

Which type of cardboard gift box should I choose?

Packaging plays a major role in the unboxing experience, especially when it concerns gifts bought and delivered to another person. Several styles, sizes, and colors of cardboard gift boxes are available to suit a wide variety of gift giving occasions.

A touch of class can be added to a jewelry box made from cardboard. A cardboard gift box is often filled with jewelry, one of the most obvious gifts.

With the use of beautifully colored card and lining the boxes with linen and padding, these boxes not only provide protection during transit, but can also present the items beautifully on arrival.

Using a wine box is a perfect way to give wine as a gift there are other types of gifts besides jewelry. Also available are gift boxes for sending wine and all sorts of other gifts - and there is a wide variety of them to suit any and all occasions. Small delicate items can be packaged in pillow gift boxes

However, how does one close these elegant boxes? If you want an elegant look, tape and strapping may make a good secure solution. Magnetic seals have now been installed on many gift boxes to solve this problem. To avoid using tape and straps, gift boxes are equipped with magnetic seals

In these boxes, the lid flap and the face have magnets attached to them, so that when the lid is closed it seals shut with enough force to keep the box closed in transit, but it's not so tight that the lucky recipient can't open it.

When should mug boxes be used?

Even though jewels, wine, and other great gifts are popular, mugs also make a great gift, and special mug boxes are available for transporting these fragile, ceramic items safely and securely.

If you plan on shipping such a mug, a mug box is an ideal choice. With the commoditization of printing, it is becoming increasingly possible to print fun things on mugs, and ecommerce has contributed greatly to this booming industry.

If you are looking to use mug boxes for your product, you will have a choice to make. The mug can also be packed in luxury crash-tested boxes

A mug box's contents can be easily protected by folding it. The corners are reinforced to prevent breakage and are designed to protect delicate handles and rims. Several types of book boxes and framed picture boxes are available in easy-to-fold formats.

The market has many customized boxes wholesale today that are designed to protect items, including boxes with crash-proof bases and inserts that hold mugs inside the box without the need for additional packaging materials.

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