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Wondering How To Grow Freelance Business?
Try These 10 Sure-shot Ways

Nothing in the world compares with the pleasure of being your own boss, said businessman and owner of Florian Berg. You have the freedom to work as you please. A freelancer business is what makes this possible. You may not be aware, but around 35% of the total (US) workforce does freelance.

Freelancers contribute significantly to the country's economy. You can have the idea of freelancers’ significance because nearly $1 trillion or 5% of the overall American economy and GDP comes from freelancers and their gigs.

These stats are moving and will encourage anyone to try their hand in freelancing. But, hold your thoughts for a second and understand that the road that leads to success in a freelancing business is not an easy one. There are tons of hassles and hurdles.

In this piece, we have covered the stumbling blocks of establishing and running a freelancer business and tips that will actually work to bring success to your disposal. So, if freelancing is on your mind, this post should be on your reading lists.

What Is Freelancer Business?

To begin with, let’s get familiar with the freelancer business and what it refers to. A freelancer business is a process of offering services/facilities on your own. It doesn’t involve working under a firm on a fixed payroll.

You work on a project basis and get paid as per the terms of the contract. You sell your skills of expertise on multiple freelancing websites or can open a firm of your own.

Clients or organizations will approach you as per the need of the hour. You set the price for your skills/services, and interested organizations hire you regularly or temporarily.

Depending upon the growth of your freelancing business, you can handle the task all alone or hire other people to help you out.

Difference Between Remote Job and Freelancing

While pondering over how to start freelancing, the terms ‘remote work’ and ‘freelancer work’ may cause tons of confusion. If you don’t have your facts straight, messing up things is a sure thing. Hence, here is a quick comparison between these two:

  • Freelancing means working on your terms and refers to self-employment. High paying remote positions mean committed employment with a firm, wherein service delivery is away from the actual office location.
  • In remote jobs, professionals work on a fixed payroll, while in freelancing, nothing is fixed. Charges and service duration delivery varies as per the complexity of the project.
  • Remote employees are eligible for company-offered benefits. In freelancing business/opportunities, no added perks - other than the payment - are offered.
  • As one can see, remote work and freelancing work are two different poles. Keep the thing in mind and then start building a freelance business.

10 Tips To Grow Freelance Business Exponentially

While the very idea of being your boss is thrilling, making the universe work for you is not an easy task for a freelancer. We had a word with experts and learned about some of the key tips to grow a freelance business.

Scroll down to know how to grow a freelance business in detail:

Tip #1- Speak your mind with full confidence and honesty

Communication is a game-changer in all kinds of work spheres, and freelancing is not an exception. Excellent communication skill plays a crucial role to grow the freelance business as freelancers have to convenience clients each time they want to grab a project.

They have to state the terms of service clearly to the client. Communication is crucial to gather the necessary details of the project from the client. Not speaking your heart and mind out will lead to confusion, incompetency, and dissatisfaction at both ends.

Would you like to face this? Of course not.

It is a way to learn the art of communication to ensure freelance business development without any limits.

Tip #2- Access your skills appropriately

One of the biggest fears of a freelancer is - Not getting the appropriate payment (in time). There are several reasons for this to happen. The key ones are the fear of losing clients and the avidity of getting more work even at a low price. Well, if these two things are continued or adopted for a longer time, no one can stop the downfall of a freelance business.

We won’t suggest you charge a higher price for your freelance ideas as this is also not the right practice. Every industry has a bare minimum cost for every skill. Do extensive research on this part and get to know what your bare minimum is.

Don’t settle on the lowest price. Set the prices as per your expertise. Your years of experience and quality of inherited skills matter a lot.

For instance, a software engineer who graduated from Stanford with 5 years of work experience will have more market worth than the same professional who graduated from a regular local university and is new in the industry.

So, know your grounds and access your skills appropriately.

Tip #3- Keep your terms of service straight and open

When the term of services is not explained properly, things are going to mess up. For instance, clients can decline the payment or change the payment terms. This is something no freelance business can afford. So, make sure you have stated your terms of services clearly, verbally, and on documents.

Never move forward based on verbal communication. Always record it or make it official via documentation. It will resolve tons of hassles and confusion.

Tip #4- Figure out your key points

We all have some strong points that make us stand out from the crowd. While you aim to grow the freelance business, make sure you know your strengths and highlight them while pitching in for projects. Don’t just go with the traditional approach of on-time project delivery, cost-effectiveness, or a skilled team.

Try to spot something unique. It could be a personal trait as well. If that’s the case, try to connect it with your business and present it to your clients in an impressive manner. Make sure that you prepare a freelance business plan and work as per that while moving forward.

Tip #5- Promote your business on social media platforms

If you’re not promoting your freelance gig on social media, then you’re missing out on something huge. If handled rightly and correctly, social media can change the growth of the freelance business in no time.

In no time, it will bring your freelance business to everyone’s attention. Whether you’re working alone or own a small firm, don’t forget to have an official LinkedIn account. For working professionals, LinkedIn is a game-changer.

It’s astonishing to know that around 122 million people have received interview letters when they have applied via LinkedIn. In every one minute, three people are hired via LinkedIn.

The best part of being on LinkedIn is that not everyone has to ask for a resume to know your qualifications and skills. Everything is on the profile itself. So, a simple view of your profile will let others know about your competencies. It makes a massive impact in project fetching for freelancer businesses.

Build an impressive profile on this social media platform and impress clients in no time.

Instagram is another great place to be when expanding market reach is the need of the hour. It will take your business to maximum and ideal audiences. If you haven’t learned the art of utilizing social media, then do it now.

Tip #6- Build a website, or mention your services in local business listing

A website makes a massive difference in the image of a freelancer business. It makes the client believe that the business is professional and can be trusted. So, if you want to grow a freelancer business easily, then try having a website.

Presently, it’s not a challenging task and not even too costly. Make sure that the website is appropriately optimized and get noticed by the public.

If having a business website for your freelance business ideas doesn’t sound convincing to you, then at least try your freelancer business in the local listing like on Google Maps and Yellow Pages. This way, it would be easy for people to find you.

Tip #7- Combine two or more skills

Tasting success with one single skill will be a tough job as you’ll have less scope. Try to master two more complementary skills to expand your market reach. For instance, if you’re offering content writing services, then offer Copywriting and editing services as well.

Freelancers doing SEO optimization, for example, can incorporate both website design and various functionalities into their work. There may be more skills that are interrelated. Try to figure out what works best for your key skills. Either learn the relevant skills or hire qualified professionals. But this set of skills is a must.

Tip #8- Try to retain existing clients

We know it’s great to see your customer base expanding. But, don’t forget to value your existing clients and try to have more focus on them.

With in-house clients, efforts are less as you don’t have to prove yourself repeatedly and don’t have to work towards trust-building. Also, they do free marketing for you. Once they are happy with your services, they recommend you to others. It’s a win-win situation for freelancer businesses.

Tip #9 - Change price as per the market

With time, the market worth of your skills is going to change. Keep an eye on the ongoing trends and charge accordingly.

Tip #10- Ask for feedback and flaunt them

Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from your existing client. Flaunt the positive ones on social media and in your resume. From the negative ones, learn the loopholes and work on them.


Just like kids, it takes a village to set up and grow a freelance business.But, once your freelancer business firms its feet, there is no stopping. The above-mentioned tips have helped many freelancers in the real world. It’s your turn now.

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