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How to Draw the Animals?

If you learn to shoot animals is an integral part of the illustration. Scenes from wildlife to portraits of pets, there are countless possibilities as soon as they master the capacity. This guide to the famous animator artist, director, and fauna Aaron Blaise offers competent advice to shoot animals successfully. With a little preparation, the animal domain will be on his fingers. Other courses are in our choice of the best to draw tutorials, but scroll down to soften Blaise's expert advice.

Draw the Animals

Draw Animals like a pro

Long before I was director and facilitator with Animation Walt Disney, I loved wildlife. I grew up a bit like a wild child in the swamps of South Florida. I normally run through the forest barefoot, of course, easy animal drawing. I draw them in my sketchbooks or even collect the bones of the killing animals and save them for subsequent study.

He has always dreamed of being an illustrator for national geography and seeing the world. Instead, I was rolling in Disney and a successful animation career, but I still found a way to pursue my love to draw animals working on classic films like the lion king and brother bear. Now I would like to transfer some of my knowledge of animal study years with them!

First, watch

Before drawing start, stop and watch. Take a moment to watch and study the animal. How to get around? Often, they see motion models. What is the animal? Can you predict where it will be following? If it's a hot day, it could, for example, go to the shade. These details can be crucial when they help capture details like animals often do not sit again and keep them - especially in nature!

Complete your searches before you go

I do my homework on the animals I see in a particular area. For example, I can learn everything about GrizzLis during a trip before my arrival. I will study books and research to learn more about their muscles, skeletons, and reasons. I will even see the live webcams of territory to give me an idea of the environment. This information helps me when I'm on-site and saves time.

Take a photo

Draw the Animals

Animals often do not sit yet. To fight against that, I have developed a technique to take a mental snapshot. I do not look at the animal all the time I draw. Instead, I'll throw on the animal and look away quickly on my side. Thanks to the last image of the animal that I saw is frozen in my skull. Connected with my anatomy analysis, I can get a specific drawing on the page.

Bake the body in sections

It is an observation that I made over the years. Most picturesque bushes can be divided into six main areas: the head, neck, legs before and shoulders, the body, the rear legs, the hips, and the tail. It may seem like a simple observation, but if you divide the animal in this way, you can overlap these areas in each orientation in space.

Understand the basic comparative anatomy

Do people ask how to know all this information about the animals I draw? The answer is: I do not do it! But I know comparative anatomy. Most animals, especially mammals, have the same games - just stored differently. And that also applies to people. Once I realized that.

I have the same games as a lion. Only in additional places, it was a point of my capacity to draw them.

Watch your proportions

As they understand that most animals have the same bones and muscle groups they have, it's just a question of play with the proportions and the good thing. It mainly concerns practice and repetition. However, if you start getting the distance and the proportions correctly, you can draw your subject in any installation or angle.

Use black and white ink on the mid-tone paper

How to improve a pencil drawing from the lion head with inks to bring them to life:

Create a rough sketch

First place in an approximate drawing in the pencil bearings that you consider all the advice you have learned so far. It's good to be cowardly at that time. It can give your profession a vibrant edge! You will refine the photo in the next steps.

Add dark to drawing

Then use a brush pencil and a ballpoint pen to refuse darkness. Use waterproof ink here to add watercolor or wash later. Try working in a constant direction so as not to lubricate the ink.

Use the White Ink for Highlights

Now use a white pen and add accents and definitive highlights. Because they started with a bad guy and not on white, they can go more easily and drop! Use brands to add more shades.

Stay in bulk and find the river

It is similar to step six if you want to gesture your pose immediately. The animal will probably move you on you, so you have to have the essence of laying quickly. If you pull a tiger or lion, you must have the action and not worry about each band and all the mustaches. Instead, look for the pose after the history of action and rhythm.

Capture good silhouettes

The basics of the design of the right animals are not so different to draw a good human character. You want your pose to be read as clearly and concisely as possible. If your silhouette is unclear, the viewer will not understand the drawing. It's the same thing you draw an elephant, a bear, or another animal.

Use overlapping shapes to create depth

As soon as they are happy to capture the different forms of their selected animal, try to ride them. It gives your photo a feeling of depths and space in the frame. The appropriate overlap of any form gives his drawings a feeling of credibility and life.

Create action and a drama

Animals are living creatures. If they had come out in the wild drawing, they noticed that they were still moving. You should also grab this in your drawings. Although there is nothing wrong with a good animal portrait (so to speak), I found that animal images in action always have a better answer and have more effects. Work hard to create a feeling of acting and life in your images.

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