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How to Be a More Punctual Person

Are you the kind of person who always turns up late to meetings? Your friends tell you to be at an event an hour before it starts, because they know that you’re more likely to be late than early. Maybe you’re always paying fees on bills because you even forget to pay them when you’re supposed to. While we all have trouble with time management at times, struggling with punctuality too much can lead to some significant problems in your life. The more you fail to follow a schedule, the more you’ll struggle with your personal and professional relationships. So, how can you make a change?

Start Every Day with a To-Do List

If you have issues with time management, the worst thing you can do is start the day with no sense of direction. This way, you end up responding to things that you remember as you remember them. If you can prepare for your day in advance, then you can manage your schedule more efficiently. For instance, you might decide to start your day with some quick wins, or tasks that you can do easily in a matter of minutes. For instance, you can make an important phone call, apply for your NYC medical card online if you need it for a marijuana prescription and you’re a busy professional, or respond to a few emails. An alternative might be to eat the frog first. This means that you start the day with a challenging task which makes the rest of the jobs that you need to do that day feel a lot easier.

Plan for Problems

When you’re working out your schedule and deciding how long you need for each task, plan for issues. We often make the mistake of only giving ourselves exactly as much time as we think we need for each project. This means that if anything goes wrong, our entire day gets thrown off schedule. Give yourself an extra five minutes here and there to make sure that you can get to where you need to be on time. For instance, if you know that you need to be in a work meeting at five, don’t start getting ready to leave at 4:45, even if it only takes 15 minutes to get where you’re going. Plan to be five minutes early. If something goes wrong, you’ll be prepared. If you arrive ahead of schedule, you just look more professional.

Set Your Clocks Ahead

If you have a really hard time sticking to a schedule, consider setting your clock to be about five minutes fast. This will ensure that even if you think you’re running a few minutes behind, you’ll still be on schedule for everyone else. This strategy might mean that you always need to double check what the actual time is. However, if you set your clocks ahead, you’ll start to run on your own schedule, which is more likely to mesh with the other people around you. When you start getting the hang of your punctuality strategies, you can consider changing your clocks back.

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