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How to Be Fashionable and Dress Like the Best


If you're trying to up your style game this year so that you can look and feel your best, you've come to the right place.

There are so many simple and easy tips and tricks when it comes to how to be fashionable that anyone can integrate into their style routine. Keep reading for some fashion tips that will help you become the most stylish version of yourself yet.

A Style That Fits

Something that makes fashion so special is that it provides a great way to express yourself. When shopping, it's important to know yourself and your individual style. If you wear something that isn't "you", it will show, and you won't be as comfortable and confident, which is a key component in being fashionable.

Spurred on by consumer demand and in part the pandemic, Sustainable Fashion is an exciting new trend.

Don't buy things that are trending or on sale if you don't love it. It's a good idea to create a uniform or a style that you wear frequently, to establish yourself and make shopping easier. Having a few awesome staples that you can mix and match with and wear often is better than having a closet full of clothes you hardly wear.

Go through your closet and get rid of things that no longer suit or fit you. Having a more minimal closet will allow you to narrow in on your style. Visit Chic Pursuit for a more ideal fashion that suits your style.

The Importance of Accessorizing

Accessorizing is a great way to take your outfit to the next level when done correctly. Don't go overboard with your accessories. One statement piece in an outfit is enough, and you can do this by finding accessories that offer contrast such as a pop of color or texture.

Accessories like red sunglasses or a sparkly pair of statement earrings can create interest with your outfit. A great handbag can also go a long way. You don't need tons of designer handbags, but splurging on one or two really great ones can be a good way to add glam to your look.

A classic handbag, crossbody or clutch, such as women's bags by Saint Laurent can provide for timeless outfit staples. Add your designer bag to looks both casual and elevated for a complete ensemble.

Layering is Caring

Layering just allows for more ways to look fashionable and take your outfit to the next level. Having a few staple layering pieces is a great way to make the most out of your closet.

Having a great moto or leather jacket is a way to take an outfit from day to night, and can elevate looks from a tank and jeans to dresses. Coats, denim jackets, gothic-skirt, and cargo jackets are also great outfit layering staples.

Keeping layering accessories around, like scarves and cardigans is a helpful way to give your outfit some cozy texture.

How to Be Fashionable: A Quick and Easy Guide

If you thought being fashionable was hard, take these easy tips to rearrange your closet and find a look that works for you. Keep these tips on how to be fashionable in mind next time your shopping.

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