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How to Style Chain Earrings

Chain earrings have become popular among women who are interested in adding value to their natural beauty. The growing trend of these earrings hasn’t left the celebrity class behind. Women like Scarlett Johansson and Anna Kendrick who are renowned celebrities have helped greatly in driving the trend of wearing chain earrings. Again, many women love these types of earrings because they’re highly versatile.

When you have chain earrings, you can either wear them through a single piercing or even loop them through multiple to create unique appearances. Moreover, you can combine them with other threaders, studs, and ear cuffs. You can wear chain earrings with any outfit and on any occasion.

Most of them are designed with an ear post on one end to enable you to thread the piece easily into the piercing with ease. The chains are also light to ensure your comfort when you are in them.

This article highlights some popular ways of styling chain earrings:

  1. Wrapped Design.

This is possible when you have multiple piercings on your ears. You can choose to thread the earring through one piercing front-to-back. Then, wrap it around and thread it through the other piercing. Pull the loop tight to maintain a stunning look. You can choose to pull the wrap tight around your ear or have a loose wrap.

  1. Creating a Curve.

If you have a piercing on your lobes and your lobes. Need a single pair to achieve the curve style. You need to thread the earring through the earlobes and into the piercing on the cartilage. Ensure to leave a gentle curve between the two piercings.

  1. Use of Ear Cuffs.

When you have the curves on the cartilage you can attach one end of the chain earring to them and thread the other end from front-to-back through the piercing on the earlobe. It looks unique and is a great way of wearing chain earrings.

  1. Keep it Simple.

If you love to keep it simple, only wear your chain earrings like a normal one. Thread it through a single piercing. You can combine this with simple stud earrings and achieve an amazing look.

  1. Combine Two Pairs of Chain Earrings with a Helix.

With two different pairs of thread or chain earrings, you can create a sophisticated look on your ears. You need to have three piercings to achieve the best appearance. First, use one earring to create a curve as explained above. Use the second earing with hanging by threading it through the lower piercing.

  1. Creating a Stich.

With two piercings, thread your earring from back to front and do the opposite on the second piercing then pull tight. The ends of the earring should be hanging to give you a beautiful look.

  1. Make a Front loop.

This is done almost the same as when creating a stitch. The earring is threaded the same but you should leave a small hanging loop at the front.


Beauty is a key aspect of any woman’s life. Women spend much of their time adding value to their beauty and the use of earrings is one of the various ways they use to achieve a stunning look. With the many types of earrings available in the market today, you need a unique piece to give you an outstanding look.

Chain earrings are among the most versatile types of earrings you can wear for various occasions. The fact that you can wear the same pair in various styles makes them a preference for many women. You can wear the same pair of earrings for several consecutive days but change the style every day.

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