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The Warning Signs You Need to Spot
Before Taking a Toxic Job

Taking a new job should be an exciting experience and an important step on your career path, but sometimes it can also be a huge mistake. The job description might have sounded great on paper, the interview might have gone smoothly and you might be eager to get started, but it can only take a matter of days before you realise that you’ve found yourself in a toxic work environment.

When this happens you end up right back where you started, needing to begin the job hunt all over again. If only you’d known the warning signs to look for. A new guide from has identified the red flags you need to watch out for from potentially toxic workplaces, and amongst the tips is to check Glassdoor for employee reviews before you accept any job offer.

After all, if the people who currently work there are so unhappy that they’re taking to Glassdoor to air their grievances, that sounds like a job you can do without. Another red flag is around the interview process, which can be an indication of how well - or poorly - a company is run, so if they’re taking a long time to let you know what’s going on, it doesn’t bode well for their organisational skills.

This can also be apparent during the interview itself, especially if the interviewer is surprised when you arrive and appears unprepared throughout. A job interview isn’t just about you impressing them, it’s also your chance to decide if you’d want to work with them if they offered you the job, so don’t pass that opportunity up.

We all spend too much time at work to put up with a toxic environment and the stresses and strains that can cause. With the right consideration and research, you can give yourself a better chance of avoiding that fate, so why not read up on more of the warning signs you need to look out for?

How to Spot a Toxic Work Environment
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