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How Can Seminars Help You in
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Often the curriculum of UG and PG courses tend to focus towards a specific field because of which candidates are left with limited options when it comes to pursuing a full-time career in multiple fields. In such cases, seminars hold great importance as they not only familiarize candidates with a new and related field but also lets them pursue a career in it. For all the candidates who are looking forward to exploring how seminars can help them get aligned with career goals, this blog aims to guide you about the same.

What is a Seminar?

A seminar can be understood as a commercial program where the audience is given information regarding a particular training or a topic. Usually, a seminar is held for a group of 10 to 50 individuals at academic institutions as well as other places such as hotels, conference rooms or banquets. Seminars are often called conferences that can be sponsored by an organisation or institution with an intention to enlighten a group of people regarding a certain subject or topic.

It is important to note that, one shall not confuse a seminar with workshops. Workshops are intended towards equipping candidates with more hands-on learning experience while on the other hand, seminars generally aim to gear up candidates about pursuing a particular topic or related subjects. You may find one or two guest speakers at seminars elucidating upon the topic that is being presented.

Seminars at Academic Institutions

Mainly there are five types of seminars that you will find being organised at an academic institution such as academic seminars on various topics across sections, extended orientation seminars, professional or discipline-linked seminars, basic study skills seminar or academic seminars with various generally uniform content across sections. Irrespective of the type, seminars at academic institutions are more of short term courses that focus on particular needs of students other than a set curriculum. Some of the seminars and initial levels of the college also aim at the social development of the students to help them have a smooth transition between school to college.

Objectives of a Seminar

Seminars have a certain set of objectives that help students align better with their career goals. From the start of the seminar to its conclusion, it is made sure that all the objectives of the seminar are met so that students are enlightened about the topic. Listed below are some of the prominent objectives of seminars-

  • One of the most prominent objectives of a seminar is to expand and enhance students understanding regarding the particular topic
  • It also fosters the spirit of finding a relatable connection between university study as well as social development for civic responsibilities
  • Seminars facilitate students with a spirit to take over challenges that may arise during their course or professional career
  • To promote practical learning skills among the students

Popular Course with Compulsory Seminars

There are a bunch of courses which compulsorily have seminars as a part of their curriculum. Majorly courses that are more technical and feel-related have seminars. For the candidates pursuing bachelors or masters studies in the field of management or engineering through courses like MBA, BBA, MTech, BTech etc. will find that seminars are a prominent part of their cost structure. The seminars are often organised on the core as well as elective topics. Learning through the seminars candidates will be heading towards a holistic development through these courses.

It is observed that in the MBA field you may find more workshops that equip students with more hands-on learning experience. But in engineering specialisations like mechanical, computer science, civil, information and technology, electrical, electrical and communication have intriguing seminars on a regular basis. By getting to know about every field through these seminars students are able to explore a wide range of options in which they can pursue a career.

By far we have discussed that seminars provide us with a knowledge of related fields, but let us now discuss what are the possible topics on which the various branches of Engineering organised their seminars. Below we have listed seminar topics for Computer Science Engineering and seminar topics for Civil Engineering -

Computer Science Engineering

-Discrete Mathematical Structures

-Blockchain Technology

-Object-Oriented Programming using C++/Java/Python

-Computer Networks

Civil Engineering

-Solar Building

-Carbon Fibre Use in Constructions

-Advance Construction Techniques

-Hazardous Waste Management

-Bio Diesel

Hopefully, through this blog, you are now familiar with the importance of seminars in exploring as well as deciding your career path.

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