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How to Select Suppliers on AliExpress

While doing dropshipping business with AliExpress, you can easily lose control over the customer experiences because you never see or touch the product physically as it is shipped by the suppliers directly to your customer. If you are trying to give top-notch services then dropshipping can become a liability. Although AliExpress is an e-commerce marketplace that deals with improper suppliers as best it can, there is still a need to be very careful while selecting suppliers for your dropshipping business. Here I have some tips that are very useful while selecting a supplier.

Don’t always prefer the lowest price

When you opt for the lowest priced products, it might seem obvious choice the compromise on the quality of the product. Suppliers always try to be the price competitive, and each product has many similar variations often at artificially decrease prices. Shortly, the price of products on AliExpress goes down with the quality of the product.

For example; A supplier called Original Jacket starts selling a high-quality item named “leather jacket” at $50. then, another supplier named competitive Jackets manufactures the same product with low quality and reduces the price to $20. When a merchant like yourself searches for a jacket, sees two same looking jackets, he will definitely prefer the jacket with the lowest price. The other supplier will be unhappy with this action and will start manufacturing low-quality products at the cheapest price.

Select suppliers that have 95% positive reviews

Feedback is the best way to assess any supplier, so you can check the reviews and ratings of the suppliers to select the best one. The rating system for the sellers and products are extremely significant to every marketplace. For example, you are walking through a flea market and someone starts shouting that the boy in the next booth is a scammer. Would you purchase from him? Of course not. The same rule applies to virtually all marketplaces. Read carefully what other merchants say about each supplier, and learn from the reviews. Essentially, look for the high rated suppliers in order to find the most reliable one. Find the feedback ratings by navigating to a given supplier page on You will see the score list of the suppliers.

Pick branded products carefully

Well known brands on ALiExpress are very rare. You cannot search for Chanel products because the keywords for such products are banned on AliExpress. If you find a counterfeit or copyright infringement being sold on AliExpress, you must report it soon. This might include the similar products or resembling logos of popular brands. However, it should be also noted that all branded products are not fake. AliExpress often creates a partnerships with brands for the promotion, for example with Lenovo as well as others. You just need to keep in mind the cautions and use your best judgment in order to make perfect dealing and avoid any mistake with dropshipping. The products owing to the names like Chanel, and Nike are the type of products to be avoided for dropshipping.

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