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How to Properly Use a Tokyo Rig

The Tokyo Rig is a brand-new fishing rig that many US bass fishermen are opting for these days. This Japanese fishing method has spread its roots so deep that many big names, like Bassmaster Elite Series angler Seth Feider, are using it.

You may be surprised to know that Tokyo Rig's popularity is not just one-night magic - it was actually present from the very beginning in different forms like a punch shot rig.

So, if you're thinking of infusing some Japanese style into your ordinary fishing methods, you should learn how to use a Tokyo Rig properly. Honestly speaking, it's hard to be a pro with this heavy-duty rig at the beginning. But it gets easier once you know the technicalities and dynamics of using it.

The authentic way of using a Tokyo Rig relies on the nature of the water that you are fishing in. You should also try to target the best areas to use it more efficiently. So, let's dive deep into this ocean to know more about this latest addition to fishing kits.

A Tokyo Rig Kit

A Tokyo Rig is simply a hook that is attached to a three-inch piece of wire. A certain amount of weight is added to the wire, which bends in a hook-like shape from the bottom. You can prevent the hook and the wire from strangling by connecting them to a ring containing a barrel swivel.

When you buy a Tokyo Rig kit, you will get a hook, a ring, a barrel swivel, and a strand of wire as a dropper. The accessories might look highly-advanced like it's composed of complex hardware, but they are very simple in reality. You can use a Tokyo Rig to bait many fish, both saltwater and freshwater fish.

When To Use A Tokyo Rig?

The Tokyo Rig is best for deep waters. You should consider using this rig when fishing in deep water and the weather conditions are windy. If you want to catch a fish that stays towards the bottom, a Tokyo Rig will do the job.

How to Use a Tokyo Rig Efficiently?

There are several authentic techniques that you can use for your Tokyo Rig while fishing in different waters. Here are some:

Use a Swimbait in Deep Waters
Tokyo Rigs are masters in deep waters. You just have to cast the rig with a swimbait and pull it back when you feel pressure from a smallmouth or largemouth bass present in the water.

Go for a Wormbait at the Lily Pad and Weeds Level
This area is like a home for largemouth bass. Use the traditional Tokyo Rig method and attach a worm as the bait. Now, cast the rig in that place and move the rig along the bottom ground.

Choose a Soft Plastic Bait for Rocky Areas
If you want to fish around the rocks, always remember to use a soft plastic bait as it bumps with the rocks the best.

Tokyo Rig vs. Texas Rig

Now, what's the edge that the Tokyo Rig has over Texas Rig? This question has been a hot topic of debate among fishermen over the last years. A majority of people were using the Texas Rig. But now, almost everyone is leaning towards the Tokyo Rig.

The reason for this is simple - the benefits of a Tokyo Rig outweigh the benefits of the Texas Rig. Here are some amazing features by which a Tokyo Rig outclasses a Texas Rig:

  • The bait's plastic is soft enough to allow it to float on the rig. This helps fishermen control the movement of the bait as well.
  • The bait also stays on the bottom, making it clearly visible for fish to grasp upon.
  • The weight doesn't come in the way of the hook, which provides many options for fishing.

The beauty of the Tokyo Rig is that it can be transformed into a Texas Rig when you attach any weight to its natural plastic bait. The versatility and efficiency of the Tokyo Rig have contributed a lot to its popularity among bass anglers worldwide. When you use this rig the correct way, you will instantly unlock the greater action it offers and transform your whole fishing experience!

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