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Wondering How to Make Your Vape Packaging Rock? Read This!

Vape Packaging

In the tobacco industry, innovation is a natural process! Brands strive to find newer ways to better the industry. One of the latest and legal trends is vaping. 

The exponential growth of vaping has brought the need for impressive and brand-oriented packaging. As a result, customers and manufacturers are concerned about the vape packaging design, style, and shape. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand getting a groove of the latest trends is always a good option. No matter where your company stands, you can always be up in the game with the newest design ideas!

How do you make your vape packaging from blah to brilliant? Continue reading! We have enlisted all the important and flawless trends to improve your packaging visualization. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Vape Packaging?

Custom vape packaging is the first thing your customers will interact with. This custom packaging is manufactured from durable corrugated cardboard packaging material. It is highly customizable. You can personalize it to your desired shape, style, and size. Vape boxes also have enough room for branding elements which helps you in brand awareness.

Why Vape Packaging Is Important?

There are tons of benefits to employing vape packaging. Here are a few ones which your brand will experience:

  • It will help you to keep your fragile vape cartridges safe and secure 
  • Vape boxes not only protect your products but also reduce carbon footprints on our planet
  • A vape box is a great way to market your vision 
  • This custom packaging is imprinted with your company’s slogan; that helps in improving your sales revenue
  • It is an affordable packaging solution
  • It helps you to enhance your branding tactics

Fascinating Vape Packaging Design Ideas

Product packaging acts as the face of your brand. Therefore, to design aesthetically appealing vape packaging, you must be creative. 

Let’s discuss the trendy design ideas a brand needs to look for in detail!

1. Go With a Minimalist Approach

For the past decade, the word minimalism has been a part of our lives. Simplicity sells! A minimalist approach portrays a sleek and sophisticated design that draws in customers.

Most manufacturers pivoted towards it due to multiple reasons. One of them is its affordability. In addition, less printing and material are used in its manufacturing which minimizes the overall cost. So, don’t hesitate to try this trend!

2. Retro-inspired Designs

As the world transitions towards newer trends each day, you can make your trademark by creating vape pen packaging with vintage designs. These designs are a perfect blend of wisdom, sass, and class!

This packaging design is the perfect apprehension of “Old is Gold.” Your branding and sales depend on how creative you are with your packaging. 

So, give yourself a break from the usual design. Instead, take your customers to old and pleasant memories with retro-inspired designs. 

3. Think About the Shape

Most of the time, rectangular-shaped boxes are used in the packaging industry. You need to set yourself apart by designing vape packaging with exciting styles. You can use hexagonal, triangular, and circular shapes per your products' suitability. 

4. Go With Modernized Designs

A simple and sophisticated design for vape packaging will aid in enticing the target market. Vape boxes come in different styles. Have a look at some of them:

  • Flip-top vape packaging: Flip-top box has a sleek opening flap with magnetic closure to bestow a touch of luxury to your vape cartridges. 
  • Slim and tall vape packaging: These boxes have a sleek design and increased length. They are specially designed to hold 0.5 ml to 1 ml vape cartridges. 
  • Vape packaging with hang tab: When you want to sell your vape cartridges in retail stores and pharmacies. Vape boxes with hang tabs come in handy. 
  • Blister boxes with inserts: Blister packaging is a combination of plastic and cardboard packaging. It is embedded with a custom insert to assure product safety. In addition, you can print any information on the inserts for promotional purposes. 
  • Blank vape cartridge boxes:Empty vape cartridge packaging is an ideal, clean, and minimal packaging. If you need a ready-made box, this vape packaging style is a good-to-go choice. 

5. Choose the Right Finishing

The appearance of boxes is improved by employing many coating and laminating techniques. Using silver and gold foiling techniques, a box can look refined and attractive. A box coated with the right finishing might aid companies in gaining traction in the market.

6. Sustainability Matters!

Over the past few years, sustainability has been one word that we have all been required to understand. Sustainable packaging is not only more durable but also lasts longer.

Creatively integrated sustainable packaging brings out the best in your products. Additionally, the advantages of sustainable products for the environment are constantly valued.

7. Consider Organic Design Patterns

When talking about vape cart packaging, organic design patterns aren't limited to eco-focused sense. For example, you can use organic shapes like wavy, flowery shapes to give an aesthetic touch to vape boxes. 

8. Focus on the Durability

Product safety is one of the prime functions of packaging. Therefore, using durable and unique materials for vape packaging manufacturing is necessary. In addition, sturdy packaging protects vape cartridges from environmental influences. 

Today’s manufacturers use materials like cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated materials that are strong and eco-friendly. As a result, they can ensure the utmost product protection. And you will receive a product in safe and sound condition. 

9. Use of Illustrations

Illustrations are the heart and soul of digital graphics. Illustrations come in handy in designing your custom vape cartridge packaging. An illustration on a box is a fascinating idea to promote your products. This packaging trend can also be a breath of fresh air for your company. 

In a Nutshell!

People's preferences change every second, and beautifully designed custom boxes never go out of style. You can choose your favorite trends we have listed above to design packaging that speaks for your brand. 

Why do you still wait? Get your hands on this artistic custom packaging to increase your market presence. 

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