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How to Magnify the Candle Packaging Ideas?

Retailers always think of new candle packaging ideas. Candles have been in our lives for ages. When we talk about creative candle packaging ideas, it depends on the customers.

Let me elaborate on it. If you sell your candles to an ordinary retail store, you cannot make high-quality candle boxes. Luxury candle packaging ideas work when you have to sell candles to certain types of customers.

For instance, if you are selling candle boxes to a big retail store or at Amazon or Etsy, then you need luxury candle packaging ideas. Packaging experts at OXO Packaging say creative candle packaging ideas are necessary to make unique candle packaging. 

I asked the expert why an exceptional idea is necessary to make packaging products. He said the idea is everything. When you think differently, eventually, you succeed in making something brilliant. I agree; hence, I am writing this blog, so you can know how to make spectacular candle packaging boxes.

Know Your Target Customers

This is the first step to making any type of candle box. Because after getting an idea about your customers, you will be able to make the product accordingly. For instance, you would know how much you have to invest in your candles.

Indeed, first, you have to decide about the worth of your product. I have seen many retailers making precious products but don’t do market research. As a result, they don't get many customers when they try to sell the product in the wholesale market.

Either they get fewer customers, or many people need help to connect with their product. Once you decide on the category of the candles then, it becomes easy to think about candle packaging because you have understood all the pros and cons of your product. 

Why Do You Need Creative Candle Packaging Ideas?

Many people make candles in their homes. Indeed, these are organic products. So, these manufacturers need homemade candle packaging ideas. These domestic ideas for making candle boxes are always unique.

Because usually, these manufacturers don’t spend much on the packaging. They try to get the most amazing candle boxes by spending less amount. This is why I always endorse thinking diversely.

Many times these manufacturers opt for Kraft stock because Kraft is the most affordable material to make candle boxes. This is the reason most packaging companies make Kraft candle boxes in bulk. 

Because these boxes are less expensive to make, I highly rate this stock. Many people think we cannot make luxury candle packaging boxes from Kraft stock. You can make extraordinary boxes from Kraft. You just have to think creatively. 

Cardboard Stock and its Role in the Packaging

When you keep thinking of new candle packaging ideas, cardboard stock helps you a lot because cardboard has a lush white surface. Its white surface is ideal for bringing all your colorful ideas to the packaging boxes. 

Cardboard is the most affordable material to bring the luxe of printing. If you don’t want to spend much on packaging products, then always choose cardboard. Cardboard is not much sturdy as rigid stock. But it brings the same color results as the rigid material. 

You can easily slash windows in their panels when you make candle boxes in cardboard or Kraft because these materials have die-cut-friendly durability. These stocks are not too hard or thick. Hence, the die-cut machine cuts and makes windows in them without any problem.

Why is Rigid Stock Better for Luxury Candle Packaging Ideas?

Packaging companies make rigid packaging boxes with chipboard. This is the most durable and sturdy material to make candle packaging boxes. Retailers only opt for rigid stock when they work on luxury candle packaging ideas. 

Restaurants, spas, and five-star hotels mostly buy luxury candle boxes because these boxes are expensive. Retail customers don’t buy them. Or people buy them on the eve of Christmas. 

Packaging companies make rigid boxes with hands. Modern machines have very less contribution to the making of rigid candle boxes. Still today, these boxes require a lot of hand labor. 

This hand labor is an exception. Hence, these boxes bring a unique quality to the custom packaging boxes with logo. If you want to do something unique with your packaging boxes, then I will suggest making rigid candle boxes only. 

Because packaging companies make these boxes in a lot of unique styles, you cannot make those styles in cardboard and Kraft stocks. For instance, you can make a magnetic closure style of the box only in a rigid material. 

Sometimes, you need to place inserts in the packaging boxes then again; luxury packaging boxes come as the best option. So, I will suggest you think as creatively as you can. And then you can get all types of candle packaging boxes. Choices are there.

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