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How to Get into Film Directing

Getting into film directing can certainly be a tricky process and sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. If making films and being a film director has been a lifelong dream of yours then have a read through this article for four great tips on how to get into film directing. Remember, film directing is many people’s dream, but to become a director takes hard work, dedication and lots of passion!

Start Creating - Whatever It Is

Many people think that becoming a director means working your way up from the bottom of a film set - this is partly true, but this shouldn’t discourage you from making your work throughout your journey to becoming a film director. Whatever equipment and resources you have, start directing your short films. However much you think these won't be important later down the line, they are an essential way to track your progress as a filmmaker and, you never know, a piece of your work could get picked up and skyrocket you to fame!

Making your films is also an essential part of developing your skills as a director. It’s all very well working your way up from the bottom and getting to know the industry inside out, but if you don’t continue making your films, you’ll often get burnt out by the often-exhausting process of becoming a film director. You’re becoming a film director because that’s what makes you happy, so carry on doing the thing that you love and don’t lose touch with that final goal to direct your films.

Think About What Films You’d Like to Create

It’s a good idea to think about what genre and what kind of films you would like to make when you have the platform to create what you desire. Are you looking to make smaller budget films - perhaps something artier and aesthetically pleasing? Or maybe you love action and drama and want to try to be part of making blockbuster movies? It’s important to think about your long-term goals even when you are just starting. When thinking about what films you would like to create, be sure to analyse what movies are successful in the genre that you want to create. For example, within action and thriller genres, why are movies about high stakes betting and casinos so popular? Could it be because they provide an adrenaline rush that is relatable if you understand how the game is played? Mull these thoughts over as it will be important for your career later on.

Meet Other Filmmakers

Meeting other hopeful directors and filmmakers is a great way to get connections, learn more about the business and learn more from each other. Meeting other young directors is a great way to swap tips and tricks for progressing faster in the industry. You can also learn from each other's mistakes and hopefully provide each other with new and exciting opportunities. One of the best ways to learn from other young directors is to show each other your films. For a fun social night, consider setting up a film screening with your short films shown one after the other. If you want to make it an educational experience then consider having a meeting or discussion panel afterward where you discuss each other’s films, what you liked, what you learned from them and how you think their work could be improved.

Promote Your Films

It’s important to get your films out onto a screen. Whether this is a screen at a friend’s house where other people can critique your work or at a small local theatre - wherever you can get your work to be viewed, it is always worth it. Getting your films onto a screen will help get a name out for yourself and will promote your films. There are other ways to promote your films too - consider making a social media account to promote your films. On your social media account, you could post updates about the filmmaking process, as well as snippets of your work and information about when and where your next film will be screened.

Becoming a film director can be a long and arduous process. It’s almost always the case that you have to start from the bottom up and learn about the filmmaking process through long hours in a production house or working as a runner. This is why it is important to carry on creating and being creative while you are working the long hours and paying your dues – remember, you are becoming a director for the love of filmmaking, so don’t lose touch with the craft and making art for the sake of art itself in the pursuit of fame and success.

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