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How to Find a Job After a Long Break

During the pandemic, millions of people around the world were out of work. After a long break, finding a new place is much more difficult. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Use networking

A good strategy for finding new career opportunities is to take a hybrid approach to interviewing. After attending a virtual or in-person meeting, try networking with recruiters; this will make a good impression. If possible, schedule an in-person interview and Zoom meeting to establish a social connection with the manager and demonstrate seriousness of intent.

Based on your interests, it is important to determine which jobs you are interested in. For example, at a job fair, you shouldn't sign up for many events, as you may not have time to attend them all. This can leave a negative impression with recruiters. It is better to focus on the most interesting companies

After talking to managers, try to write down their contact information so you can contact them in the future.

Attend virtual job fairs

Such events provide more opportunities for interaction with recruiters and organizations of interest, regardless of their geographic location. A resume submitted electronically through the job portal may go unnoticed. A face-to-face meeting will help show how interesting a particular industry is to you.

Online events also require preparation:

  • Prepare a list of questions;
  • Book your time;
  • Attach a cover letter;
  • Participate in group chats;
  • Choose appropriate clothing to impress.

A virtual job interview is also a good chance to make a good first impression on an employer. After the online job fair, contact the recruiters you spoke with. Thank them for their time and continue to expand your network of useful contacts.

Contact trusted specialists

When choosing an agency, it's important to understand that each one has a specific specialty. Try to look for those that can help break into areas of interest.

It is important to build the same professional relationship with them as with recruiters. Don't avoid interaction or ignore their suggestions. The agency is the link between you and the organization that has direct contact with the recruiter. When contacting an agency, it's important to be clear about your goals and be responsible every step of the way.

Invest in what inspires you

Networking and job fairs are the most effective strategies for job seekers. To stand out from other candidates, you can also attend industry events and get involved with current organizational issues.

For example, you can take the initiative to approach a company with materials you created specifically for it. This will allow you to demonstrate your enthusiasm and interest in a particular issue.

Attending targeted events allows you to strengthen and diversify your network of useful contacts. However, it is important to remember that to achieve results, you need to put in some effort and not wait for things to happen by themselves. Be sincere and show those around you your passion for the industry.

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