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How to Find (And Listen To)
Christian Radio Stations

Christian Radio Stations

Music and Christianity go hand in hand. Top Christian musical artists like Lauren Daigle sell more than 100,000 records in one year.

Christian radio is even more popular than Christian songs. But its popularity means that there are hundreds of radio stations and services.

How can you find great Christian radio online? Where can you go if you want to listen to talk shows or sermons? How can you incorporate radio programs into your home prayers?

Answer these questions and you can praise the Lord in a whole new way. Here is your quick guide.

Online Christian Radio Stations and Music Services

More radio stations are moving to online platforms like Pandora and Audacy. Working online is cheaper and lets them produce more content, including during the week.

Audacy has its own selection of Christian radio stations. You can turn into live broadcasts, or you can find a library of previous recordings.

Soundcloud is a streaming site that accommodates radio stations and independent musicians. You can sign up for a monthly subscription and then access the content you like whenever you want. You can create playlists so you can keep all of your favorite recordings organized.

Noisetrade lets you support your favorite Christian musicians directly. The website is free to use, but you can give a musician a tip to thank them for their work.

If you are ever stuck, you can Google "online Christian radio" to find new stations. You can also listen to podcasts and blogs, many of which offer similar resources as radio stations.

Gospel Music Stations

Many gospel music stations are geared toward particular areas. iHeartMedia is one of the leading corporations for gospel music stations. Visit their website and you can find a gospel station that serves your region.

K-Love is one of America's biggest Christian and gospel music stations. You can find K-Love broadcasts in almost every state, with most states having several affiliated stations. K-Love focuses on music, but they also take calls about religious topics.

If you want more modern music, you can listen to Air1. They focus on contemporary music that is written to help with praise and worship. You can find songs focused on prayers to Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

Several different radio stations refer to themselves as "The Fish." There is no national organization that runs these stations, but they all offer similar collections of gospel music. Each one serves a different metropolitan area, so you should be able to find one for your city.

If you are looking for Black gospel music, you find stations that focus on it. A Better Gospel and a few other stations are owned by African Americans and play African-American artists.

Talk Stations

Some Christian stations focus on providing material related to Christian life and worship. Each station has its own approach.

Some of them work closely with local churches and broadcast sermons and Bible readings. Others run call-in shows, during which guests can ask questions to the radio hosts.

SWRC is one of the nation's leading Christian talk radio stations, and they host a range of broadcasts. Keep in mind that the station's views are rather conservative, especially on LGBTQ rights and Catholic-Protestant relations.

EWTN is one of the leading radio stations for Catholics. Its programming is diverse, including shows targeted at kids. Though it specializes in Catholic content, it has a substantial following of non-Catholics.

Faith Radio hosts a number of programs and podcasts. Most of Faith Radio's shows last thirty minutes, making them good for busy people who want a little inspiration for their day. You can find shows on Christian finances and ethics in addition to faith tools.

How to Incorporate Christian Radio Into Your Life

Try to find a few different radio stations to your liking. Most people are happy with one particular music station and one talk station. But feel free to mix and match different stations so you can fill the hours of your day.

If you need support for prayer, try to listen to the radio when no one else is around. Sit down and listen without doing anything else. When you feel ready to pray and meditate, go ahead and do so.

Some people need visual stimuli in addition to the auditory stimuli of music or prayer. Look at an image of Jesus or Mary, or hold a crucifix in front of yourself. This can give you an additional level of focus.

Many stations have phone numbers you can call. Whenever you feel like it, make a call and speak about what's on your mind. You can ask a question to the host, offer well-wishes to a guest, or make a request for a prayer.

Try to have a copy of the Bible with you as you listen. When a host makes a reference you don't know about, you can flip to a verse or a parable.

Keep Up With Christian Radio

Christian radio is an incredible resource for all Christians. The rising cost of radio is prompting many stations to move online.

But you can find religious music and talk stations in any metropolitan area. If you want a station that specializes in Catholic content, you can find one.

You may want to listen to a few different stations on any given day. Think about the content you are listening to and perform prayers when you want to.

Radio is one great tool you can use for your faith.

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