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How to Dress For the 2023 Eclipse Festivities

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In 2023, parts of the Southwest and West Coast of the United States will be experiencing what’s known as an annular solar eclipse. This astrological phenomenon is similar to the more famous total solar eclipse—one of which will be occurring in 2024! The main difference between the two is that viewers of an annular solar eclipse will not experience the two-and-a-half minutes of darkness that is observable in the path of totality. Other than that small difference, the events are remarkably similar.

One of the most thrilling parts of watching an eclipse, whether it’s annular or total, is the communal nature of the event. It seems to be one of the few occasions where people get out of their homes and stand outside with both friends and total strangers to experience something that’s both rare and awe-inspiring.

Because of the unique nature of eclipse viewing, we’ve found that eclipse-watching can become a community event. People are willing to gather together, enjoy each other's company, and celebrate this exhilarating occurrence with those around them.

My advice is simple: embrace the exuberance of eclipse watching! In fact, one of our favorite things to watch during an eclipse is not just the’s the unique eclipse clothes and styles folks are wearing! People often get very creative when it comes to what they wear for eclipse viewing.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to wear for your next eclipse viewing, here’s my suggestions on how to dress for the 2023 eclipse festivities.

1. Stay Comfortable

women outside in fall

If you want to experience all that the annular eclipse has to offer, you’ll be outside for several hours. As such, make sure you’re dressing comfortably, particularly for the fall season. Wearing comfortable shoes and dressing in layers should be high priorities when you’re choosing your eclipse clothes. As the day warms and the autumn chill begins to fade, you’ll be glad you can shed a layer or two and stay comfortable.

2. Inject Your Personality Into Your Eclipse Style

One of the wonderful elements of eclipse viewing is having fun with the people around you. So feel free to dress in a way that shows your unique sense of style and personality. If your viewing group is leaning hard into a party atmosphere, costumes are a fun way to keep things lively. If you’re in a situation where more professional attire is required, consider wearing festive jewelry, fun hats, or other accessories that can show your personality while still maintaining a more formal dress. Whichever direction you go, have fun!

3. Don’t Forget Your Eyes

More important than your choice of eclipse clothes is your decision when it comes to eclipse glasses. No matter if you’re viewing an annular or total eclipse, it’s necessary that you utilize the proper equipment. Did you know that looking at an eclipse with unprotected eyes, even for a few seconds, could cause harm? Until you’ve chosen your eyewear, the rest of your eclipse style won’t really matter.

When it comes to your choosing your eclipse glasses, make your purchase the best one. Here’s why:

Protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation during eclipses and solar events with eclipse glasses that are trusted by the AAS and NASA, and do meet the standard for ISO 12312-2:2015. These glasses are "CE" certified, which means they fulfil the transmission criteria of EN 169/1992 scale 12-16 for entirely safe direct solar viewing. The transmission requirements of EN 1836:2005 and AS/NZS 1338.1:1992 for eclipse filters (Queensland Directive) are met by these eclipse sunglasses.

These glasses are composed of high-quality materials. These specialist solar viewer lenses are scratch-resistant and have a grade-five optical density. This provides complete protection against potentially hazardous sun rays. “Black Polymer” completely filters out 100% of ultraviolet light, infrared light, and 99.999% of intense visible light. The filters fitted on the lenses will produce an orange-colored image of the sun with greater clarity.

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