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How to Combat Job Search Fatigue

Looking for a new job can be a long and soul-destroying process. The repeated knockbacks take their toll on your confidence and your energy, leaving you deflated, tired and defeated. But this in itself can only make the situation worse as it leaves you struggling to motivate yourself to improve your circumstances.

One in five Americans who has been unemployed for a year or more say they are having or have been treated for depression. So how do you get out of that spiral? has created a guide to help you get your job search mojo back.

One tip is to limit your job search to just three hours a day, setting a routine with a start time, finish time and regular breaks. You should also reward yourself by giving yourself something to look forward to each day, like a nice walk or your favorite meal.

Physical activity is important when you’re spending so long scrolling through job sites, so, as well as getting out for a walk, so set some time aside for exercises, which will boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Why not check out the rest of these tips and see what impact they can have on your job search?

How to Combat Job Search Fatigue (Infographic)
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