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How to Choose the Right Career

Choosing your future profession is an important and responsible issue that every high school graduate faces. Your future life depends on the right choice of profession.

According to psychologists, people who do what they love feel happiness and harmony in their lives. They are successful, they achieve greater heights in career growth, and suffer fewer nervous breakdowns. In addition, people who choose "their" profession, and beautifully put together and personal life. They have strong families, financial prosperity and the respect of others.

It is very important at the beginning of the career to set the right priorities and determine the path that will allow you to become a self-sufficient and successful person.

Step one: Determining the right direction

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a future profession, you need to carefully analyze the activities that bring you the greatest satisfaction. Do you like drawing? Then you should consider becoming an artist, art historian or architect. Is your hobby keeping goldfish? Then you could be successful in ichthyology, the fishing industry or you are destined to become history's greatest explorer of the deep sea. You should understand that you can become successful only in that field, which brings you pleasure and raises your interest. Otherwise, if you are not interested in a particular subject, you will have to get essay help from time to time, because you will probably have difficulties in your studies.

Answer a few questions to help determine your preferences:

  • What do I like to do?
  • What's interesting to me?
  • What do I expect from my future profession?
  • How do I see my future job?

These are the most important defining questions. Sincere answers to them will help identify the direction in which you should move, thus bringing you to the most important question: How to choose a profession?

Not to make a mistake in choosing an activity that will bring satisfaction and joy, you need to clearly understand and realize your desires. Take a piece of paper and write on it all the specialties that at least once attracted your attention. It could be an astronaut and traveler and designer, journalist, etc. Now look closely at the list and analyze in which area you could realize it, at least in part.

Recall moments when you were covered by a sense of pride and satisfaction from the work you did. You can confidently say that this work was "to your liking." Answer the questions: What do your desires and interests have in common? What kind of work makes you feel happy and encouraged to keep doing it?

Step two: Evaluate your capabilities in a rational way

Unfortunately, it also happens that for some reason, to get the desired specialty is not possible. Most often it is a problem of the body's peculiarities. For example, you have always dreamed of becoming a pilot. But at admission it turned out that your height is a little more than normal. And nothing can be done about it - because lower you will not become. Of course, this is sad, but this is no reason to despair. In aviation there are many other specialties in which your knowledge, desire and perseverance will be useful. So look at yourself objectively and analyze your capabilities. It is not enough "to want", you must also "can".

Step three: Exclude Mistakes

Very often young people are not guided by their personal desires and passions, but by the advice of relatives and friends. When choosing your future profession, be sure to exclude such mistakes as:

Advice from parents
Of course, all parents want nothing but good and happiness for their children. They want to see their child successful and financially independent, so they impose their opinion. Do not agree with them if it contradicts your own beliefs or interests. You must choose your profession independently!Life is yours and the choice is yours, as well.

With a friend
It's a little scary to start adulthood alone. It's a lot easier and fun with a friend. But do not forget that the choice of a friend is his personal opinion. And if you get unloved, completely unnecessary to you specialty, all your life you will regret that did not realize the dream of becoming a fitness instructor.

Prestige of the profession
There are professions that are considered "prestigious." They are outwardly very attractive and give the impression of ease and accessibility. But what is in demand today will not be in demand tomorrow. Just a few years ago, the "prestigious" professions were lawyers and accountants. Many rushed to get the "right" profession and now there are quite a few lawyers and accountants working out of specialty.

"I want to be like ..."
Another common mistake is to get a profession like the person you admire. But where your idol has reached the heights, you are quite likely to remain at the bottom. You don't have to be like anyone, let others be like you.

These are the most common mistakes when choosing a future profession. Be sure to ask yourself the questions:

  • Is this really my desire?
  • What motivates me to choose this particular major?

Career Guidance Tests

One possible way to confirm your ideas about your choice of future profession is the career guidance tests. There are many of them on the Internet and they are completely free. We cannot say that they will help you clearly determine your choice, but we are more than sure that with the help of such tests you can easily determine your hidden capabilities and talents, evaluate your character and show possible directions that may be interesting to you.

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