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How Should Your Thoughts Be Different And Thought Provoking?

Be Different And Thought Provoking

People who choose to bring independent thoughts and narratives to the table are the ones who usually freshen the atmosphere. Yet, how often are we confronted with the same old ideologies now and then? That reality seems like a concussion of these constricted thoughts. 

But what happens when someone comes with a fresh idea, a new perspective, a different thought that contradicts and challenges the masses? Although this doesn't sound unreal or too good to be true, it is indeed a thought-provoking idea. 


Recently the drug case related to Aryan Khan, a celeb kid, made a huge headline. The media has still not gotten over it. Where everybody was busy blaming the parenting and upbringing of the boy, a few different perspectives took a fresh take on the case-

Two different perspectives that were true and appeased the people were-

  • NCB does not differentiate between high-profile drug cases and the cases of ordinary people.
  • The second one that we often heard from other celebrities was that the media had exaggerated the case since he was not found in possession of the drugs at the moment. 

Indeed both have different viewpoints, and we are not contradicting one over the other. Still, these are just outspoken facts that have been recently highlighted in social media, gaining immense views. Surely it takes courage to follow your perspective, but it doesn't necessarily need to be loud. It can be silent, where you, yourself, hold yourself accountable for upholding your perspective. 

Here we bring you five ways that will help you think independently, with originality, and without the fear of what will say:

Understand the other perspective:

Play from both ends. Challenge your view and have a conversation with yourself in your head. Ask yourself if the other person is true as well, since 'all sixes are not nines.' From a leader's viewpoint, you need to understand that the other person can be equally right.

Listening is an art; here is how you can master this art. 

Get to know people who are different from you:

If we tie ourselves up in a small circle with the same thoughts and perspective, we restrict our thoughts and minds. Engaging with people of different ages, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or socioeconomic level helps us think better and become more broad-minded. 

Here are some ways to interact with people different from you. 

Peacefully interact with other people

Be peaceful when you are interacting with other people. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to agree with everything they say. Instead, politely bring your contradictions to the table and hear what they have to say to your ideologies. This lending of a listening ear will help both of you be open to each other's views and detach from mundane thinking. 

Read how you could be memorable to someone you meet for the first time. 

Read and delve into other emotions:

When you read something, you tend to delve deeper into the emotions and thoughts of the author. You expand your mind to their perspectives and begin to have a different horizon of thoughts. Therefore, seek books and novels of the authors who have set their mark in the writer's field that are above the horizons of romance, fiction, and thriller, novels you might want to go for usually. 

Check some of the books that can teach you how to think independently.


Kevin Kelly rightly said, 'travel is the most intense form of learning.' However, traveling doesn't necessarily mean that you need to spend big bucks and book luxurious stays to explore a place. With the right guide, you can always travel on the right budget and explore different places in the world. 

Connect with people, stay in local motels and stay, walk or use public transportation, go and explore the local markets. Live in their shoes, and experience the culture like them!

Check some of the tips on how you can travel on a great budget!

In the end-

Always give what you expect in return. Leadership requires threaded onto the least traveled roads, exploring like Columbus, savoring like a chef and contemplating on your experiences like a writer. Strength never comes in numbers; it comes with an ability to express what you feel!

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