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Top 5 Hiring Trends for Year 2021 [HR Guide]

Recruiting always looks more challenging than the previous year. Hiring and retaining has never been an easy job for our HR professionals.

Accelerated by the 2020 pandemic – coronavirus, remote working is on a boom! HR, today, need to focus more on remote hiring and workforce management. There are already so many blogs on the internet, which state that remote working is now here to stay.

The trend till now must be already clear to you. The future of hiring/ staffing involves a more strategic human resources and technology integration AKA tech-oriented HR department. With the new generation in the domination and the need to engage workforce, it is quite challenging for us to make businesses successful. Anyways, need not worry!

To help you in coming years, in this blog we have come up with 5 most likely HR trends for this year and future.

5 staffing trends for year 2021 in HR:

  • Remote work allowance
  • Remote hiring
  • More retention focused HR
  • Technology integration
  • Employer brand

In detail below…

Remote work allowance

As said, remote work is here to stay. In order to provide a diverse atmosphere and survive in coming years, companies are going to allow remote working to their employees.

There will be so many companies releasing job vacancies post pandemic providing remote working to their new employees. Say it new normal or the only option, but business owners and HR will be forced to provide such allowances. This will equally bring challenges to HR in managing remote workforce.

Remote hiring

With a hybrid workforce of onsite and remote employees to become the standard, a hybrid hiring process, which involves online recruitment system will be in force. Online recruitment software will help HR people with easy template generation and applicant tracking.

Business would need to redefine their staffing system to effective remote hire. Technology integration like adopting a cloud staffing software capable of profile finder and parsing potential profiles will help.

Along with, ensure that your system provides a good human experience AKA user experience. HR need to be habitual with these tools and expect good business outcomes.

More retention focused HR

With remote staffing needs on demand, finding and onboarding remote candidates frequently may be time consuming. The process might ask hours of HR and unwanted efforts. Hiring remote employees and ensuring right onboarding along with training & introduction would be not that easy as said.

Though, HR technology like online staffing software can help with automated tasks with less time access and saved hiring costs, we need to think about a solution to avoid remote hiring too frequently.

So, how could be prevent high employee turnover and retain employees for longer. Employee engagement! Yes, HR can retain their high performing employees through better engagement tips. Employee empowerment and workforce diversity are some of the factors that contribute in winning hearts and trust. Employee self-service tools are some best ways you can achieve employee engagement.

Technology integration

HR technology and automation are all at stake in present (and future). With the changing years, time & resources are getting more precious. HR need to think something brilliant on saving hours and work effectively.

HR solutions like cloud payroll can save your efforts on collecting data, calculations and processing. Likewise, a cloud staffing software helps you with easy remote application follow-up till onboarding all by itself. Technology helps reduce human intervention. Undoubtedly, HR tech is one of the evergreen trends in HR.

2021 is surely going to be the year of automated HR solutions discussed till now in the blog.

Employer brand

Yes, an employer brand is all what makes you stand out from rest. The remote hiring is definitely a factor to make hiring difficult for HR folks in coming era. Finding potential candidate will not be so easy. So instead, look better. Appear better with better strategies.

Maintaining employer brand through social media and intuitive CSR activities will allow you to stand better position in the industry and candidate base.

These are some of the must-look-for trends for the year 2021 and beyond.

Get ready to hire in 2021

No matter what industry or vertical you belong to, staff hiring is going to change for you. Find the above tips seriously and leverage best available HR tools to hit the mark.

Online staffing tools will defiantly help you aim at your business targets in no time. Hope the blog helps.

Good luck. Thanks for reading!

Author bio:

Ritik Singh writes about HR software in India, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.

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