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Hiring Guide for Businesses Dealing with
Sensitive Information

Hiring Guide

Today, almost every business deals with sensitive information. Whether that information is medical records, banking details, or any of the other countless sensitive data, it’s crucial to hire employees who won’t compromise your clientele. These tips can help.

Consider an In-Depth Background Check for All Employees

In the past, background checks were reserved for the most sensitive positions. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find sensitive information in front of anyone with a computer and an internet connection these days. In fact, many companies have had private information stolen by their employees! For this reason—and for your protection—it’s vital to investigate all employees before they begin working for you.

Ask for References

Before you hire an employee, ask them to provide references such as their previous employers. And make sure to conduct effective reference checks! If the candidate only provided employment dates and positions, you may not get the full picture. That information is helpful, but it doesn’t tell you whether the candidate was good at their job and got along with others in the workplace. For this reason, you should also call people who can give a more personal perspective on your candidate’s work habits and temperament. 

Check for Criminal Records

In the past, employers would shy away from hiring those with a criminal history. Today, however, it is imperative to hire employees with a criminal record. After all, those who have completed all the necessary programs to reenter society can’t escape the stigma of a conviction—even if they’ve moved on and made new lives for themselves.

Rather than ignore an applicant with a criminal background because you might find out that they have an offense in their record at some point in their life, judge them on whether the offense is relevant to your business. Then hire them as long as their crime doesn’t create any disruption in your workplace or harm your customers. 

Guard Access to Sensitive Information

Hiring Guide

Take control of your sensitive data. Not only should you have an employee sign a contract with explicit duties, but you should also require them to sign an agreement to protect sensitive information and not use it for personal purposes. In addition, limit the employees who have access to sensitive information. These employees should have a badge or card that they can use to enter into data rooms. This way, not just anyone can enter these areas, and you can monitor who goes in and out every day. Don’t ever let another person access it. That includes customers, vendors, suppliers, and even other employees.

Know Your State Laws about Background Checks

Not only should you be aware of federal laws about background checks, but you should also understand the rules and regulations for your state. For example, some states require that employees and job applicants consent to a criminal background check. In those cases, you must have a written agreement that prevents that person from filing a lawsuit in the future.

The Importance of Background Checks

Nowadays, businesses are required to conduct background checks not only for their employees but also for their suppliers and vendors. There have been many cases where this type of background check has prevented a potential lawsuit from the employer’s perspective. In addition, the convenience of hiring a third-party company such as a background checker is an incredibly cost-effective solution that can save employers time and money.

Third-party background checks can be done online where they can handle this without you having to go anywhere. Doing these searches will take less time than going to the police station, as the law enforcement agency may have more important things to do. 

You get a report that is more accurate and more comprehensive in record time. Private companies such as Instant Record Check can do them for a fee. These reports can also help you with hiring and firing. They will tell you whether or not they will be a good employee and whether or not it would be worth it to have them on your staff.

Overall, third-party background checks can be a very useful tool for any company. They are easy to use and will tell you if employees or vendors will be a good fit for you.

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