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What to Expect When Hiring a GoPro – Exploring the Key Benefits and Considerations

If you’re looking to document a holiday, family event, wedding, graduation or nature trip, GoPro is now a reality. Although GoPro technology was first introduced to the market in 2004, accessibility has dramatically increased over recent years. This once out of reach video capture tech is now available for the purposes of rent/lease.

From capturing stunning aerial shots to on the go vlogging and more, GoPros are truly a one of one. Until recently, many categorised these devices as a luxury reserved to a select few. As of now, however, various rental arrangements allow you to hire out a GoPro for as long as you need.

How GoPro Technology Works

GoPros are small camera devices that utilise the best features of point and shoot camcorders within a compact frame. These devices are not only east to transport, but also waterproof and virtually indestructible. Core components include an adaptive image sensor, processer, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and multiple microphones for quality audio recording.

In terms of usability and user interface, each GoPro generally features no more than 3 buttons. Touchscreen technology is also a common function. Of course, the ability for endless mounting options is a major selling point behind GoPro’s success. These cameras are easily attached to bikes, bags, aerial drones, suction cups, and more.

5 Fun GoPro Activities

Due to their incredible versatility, GoPros are naturally suited to a wide range of activities and occasions. If you’re contemplating a rental arrangement, here are 5 excellent recommendations.

1. Sports & Recreation

From spectacular feats to day to day practice, grand finals, adventures and much more, the portability of GoPros makes them by the far the most suitable recording device for sports and recreation. As the owner, you can either record your teammates/friends, or record yourself in full flight. GoPros are used to documents everything from surfing to basketball, bike journeys, behind the scenes footage, skate videos and training – and these are just a few of the endless options at your fingertips.

Hiring a GoPro

2. Music Videos and Performances

GoPros and other related technologies have opened a world of opportunities in the world of music and performing arts. In contrast to stationery tripods and bulky camcorders, GoPro cameras are easy to transport and can be used to capture the ongoing movements of on screen talent while they sing, rap, dance or play instruments.

Another area where these devices excel is that the performers themselves can attach the camera and record their performance through an up close and personal lens. In addition, previously unthought of capabilities such as aerial tracking shots are no longer reserved for the major Hollywood studios.

3. Holidays & Special Occasions

Looking for a new way to document the special occasions? GoPro rental is a simple, easy and intuitive way to capture the magic of birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and many more events.

Hiring a GoPro

Beyond their compact sizing and manoeuvrability, GoPros also provide excellent audio and visual quality. This makes these devices a natural choice for recording performances, songs, concerts, speeches and graduation ceremonies. In addition, data accumulated on the camera is incredibly transferrable to computers, tablets and other devices.

4. Vlogging/Documentaries

The popularisation of vlogging has, in a sense, directly coincided with the rise of GoPro technology. Whether the vlog revolves around travel, behind the scenes footage, extreme stunts or performance, compact recording devices have allowed creators to continually push boundaries and limits.

As we noted earlier, GoPros offer incredible versatility through their compatibility with various surfaces and environments. In the past, attaching an expensive camera to your vehicle or bicycle may have seemed far too dangerous and unsafe. While you still need to ensure that the device is attached correctly, the device is purpose built for multi-purpose portable use.

5. Water Adventures

Waterproof resistance is by far one of the most attractive GoPro features. In fact, one of the early motivations behind the device’s invention was to capture surfers in action. Across the board, each camera remains water resistant up to depths of 10m (on average). This means that you can use them everywhere from swimming pools to beaches, lakes, and rivers.

Hiring a GoPro

A GoPro can be used to record water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and boogieboarding. All the while, you will be able to capture unique angles and perspectives far out of the realm of non-waterproof cameras and devices.

The Rental Process

While the specifics of rental agreements differ from one company to another, the core elements remain the same across the board. A typical rental arrangement will involve regular payments over pre-determined intervals. Intervals can range from weekly to fortnightly or monthly, with the required amount changing in accordance.

If any of the aforementioned activities spark your interest, the best move forward is to visit a rental company’s website or speak to them directly. Information regarding payment options and timelines should be readily available. If not, it may be worth exploring an alternative provider. You can also enquire as to specific terms and conditions for GoPro rental.

GoPro - Market Price vs Rental Costs

Purchasing a brand-new GoPro is a serious investment, particularly if you only intent to use it for a special occasion. On average, a new model will cost between 400-600 AUD, with top of the line variations selling for somewhere in the range of 700-800. Unless you are acquiring for professional purposes, these costs may not be worth it in the long run.

Rental and leasing agreements, on the other hand, could save you money if you only need the device for 12 or 18 months.

Capture Lifelong Memories with GoPro

Whether you’re after one-of-a-kind images or motion videos, GoPro rental is your ticket to jump aboard this new and exciting wave of technology. If they have always peaked your curiously, the rental/leasing arrangement allows you to test one out and see how much enjoyment and entertainment it brings. Another way to gauge suitability is to reach out to friends and colleagues with direct GoPro experience or look into user reviews/feedback.

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