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High Pressure Diesel Water Pumps Kenya

High pressure diesel water pumps Kenya are a series of powerful water pumps inthat push out water at extremely high pressure. High pressure diesel water pumps Kenya are very strong because they can pump water at extremely far distance and high. These pumps are popular and have received wide application in irrigation and fire fighting.You get buy this pumps for the best price from Grekkon Limited.

High pressure diesel water pumps applications in Kenya

  1. Irrigation. They can be used to supply irrigation water continuously without straining
  2. Firefighting. Because of their power, firefighters use them to pump water at high pressure to bring down fire
  3. Pumping community water. These pumps can pump water continuously for upto 1km on hilly terrain

High pressure diesel water pumps brands in Kenya

Popular high pressure diesel water pumps in Kenya include: Aico, Honda, Stallion, Lifan, Power Italia and Kato. All these are international brands that are available at Grekkon Limited. Grekkon supplies water pumps in Kenya that are ISO certified and meet all the pumping needs.

High pressure diesel water pump specs

  1. Flow rate: High pressure diesel pumps in Kenya have a flow rate of 39-48m3. This delivers the required volume of water.
  2. Head: They have a head of 85-95m which ensures pumping in hilly terrain and have capabilities of pumping water for more than 1km on flat land.
  3. Sunction height: 6m
  4. Power: 10-14HP depending on the model.
  5. Outlet size 2-3’’ but 3’’ is the most common
  6. Material used: Cast Iron.

High pressure diesel water pump prices in Kenya


Flow in m3

Hose Power

Price (Kes)

















Pump warranty

All Grekkon Limited water pumps in Kenya come with a warranty to protect the customer in case of any eventuality

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