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Health, Safety and Workability as
Preconditions for Productive Work

Productive Work

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to productivity is to assume that it’s merely a thing of motivation or something related to the tools used for a specific task. Sure, both of these factors are major when it comes to determining productivity but they’re not all that matters. You see, there’s one statistic that claims that a happy employee outperforms their less content counterpart by a staggering 12 percent. This figure alone is enough to make one think about happiness as a productivity factor. Now, happiness is an abstract term, so, instead of just using a generic term “happy workplace” we’ll focus on a workplace that is healthy, safe and workable. Here’s how all of this comes together.

A healthy environment is a happy environment

Productive Work

“Creating a safe environment doesn’t just protect employees, it also helps them focus on their work. That in turn leads to higher productivity,” says David Rowland, Head of Digital Marketing at Eco Online.

When it comes to the issue of a healthy work environment, there are also many factors for you to consider. The first prerequisite in your attempt to make your office truly healthy is to keep the place clean, which means hiring the right cleaning agency to outsource to. In certain industries, the biggest health hazard comes from certain toxic materials, which is why proper handling in manufacturing process needs to become paramount. Keep in mind that in order to be effective, your staff needs to be in full force. Otherwise, you have someone on the sick leave and their coworker need to cover for them (thus being overworked in the process). This only further increases the discontent in your employ.

Other than this, it’s even more important that you start thinking about the mental health of your employees. This is especially important seeing as how exposure to mobbing, bullying and work in an unsafe environment (something we’ll discuss in the next section), may seriously erode their psyche. This is why creating a laid back atmosphere and ensuring that there’s a positive atmosphere in your company needs to become a top priority.

X days since last accident

Another thing you need to understand is the fact that workplace injury affects more than just the person in question. First of all, if the injury is serious, they could be absent from work for a while, which means being forced to get a substitute, which is usually a person who isn’t nearly as skilled as they were. Second, it could be a ground for a serious lawsuit, which, if successful might bring an end to your business or penalize you so heavily that the entire team feels it.

Another problem, that is more closely related to the topic of the post is a serious blow to the morale of your team. You see a high number in “X days since last accident” on the wall can become a reassuring thing in the office. After all, no one likes to work in a place where accidents are a weekly or even daily occurrence. Moreover, witnessing an injury can be a cause of a lot of distress for your staff, which is something that you might want to avoid.

Overall, making the workplace safer needs to be your first objective and there are several ways for you to do so. First, you need to consult a skilled workplace lawyer who can instruct you of all the hazards in regards to things like mobbing and compensation laws. Next, you need to make an all-encompassing safety statement, heavily invest in training of your employees. Lastly, you need to ensure that all of your equipment is in proper working order. This way, you don’t create a safety measure but a safe system.

Positive atmosphere

Productive Work

The last factor worth discussing, while still on this topic is the positive atmosphere and ambiance in the office, which can be affected in several ways. First of all, the leadership position shouldn’t be too authoritarian. Second, you need to start worrying about the interpersonal relationships in your employ. This means recognizing and removing emotional vampires, backstabbers and saboteurs from your office. Encouraging your team to invest in personal development and even helping them by incentivizing and providing necessary resources. Not all of your employees are motivated by a raise, some of them want to progress their career and see each post they’re in as a stepping stone towards something better. This way you can make it so.

In conclusion

By fulfilling these three tasks alone, your office will become both happier and more productive without going out of your way and changing the business model or over-investing in workplace innovation. Sure, there are many other ways in which you can improve your workplace but health, safety and workability need to be three carrying pillars of any adequate internal business structure. As your company grows, all of this will become harder to implement, which is why you might want to consider starting as soon as possible.

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