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10 Types of Hats for Women that will Boost Your Style

Hats for Women

Hats are a fashion woman's best friend. If you frequently watch music videos, you will see that many celebrities and fashion influencers have adopted hats as an essential accessory. Besides, sometimes you just need to wear a hat, whether to hide from a bad hair day, to protect your head from cold weather, or even to shield your face from wind or sun.

For different outfits, there are different hats you can wear to finish up your dressing. The hats you wear also contribute to the kind of style you exhibit when you step out per time. This article will inform you about ten types of style-boosting hats for women.

10 Types of Hats for Women that will Boost Your Style

Classic Fedora

Initially, it was only men that used to wear fedoras, but stylish women have also claimed this accessory as theirs. When a woman wears a fedora hat, irrespective of the color or fabric, she is definitely making a confident style statement.

Fedora hats can be recognized by their folded top, short rim, and characteristic ribbon around the base. This hat can be worn with pants outfits like trousers, jumpsuits, or jeans. It will add an overall cool edge to your appearance.

Wide Brim Fedora

The wide brim fedora is sometimes referred to as a safari hat, and it is one of the most recently trending hat accessories for fashion ladies/women. It is not hard to spot, as it has a medium to high crown, center dent, as well as a wide brim that gently slopes downward on all sides.

It makes an awesome winter hat in a heavy fabric like felt or wool, and it is suitable for you to wear whenever you want to hide your unwashed hair. However, you can also wear it to also up your outfit.

Floppy Hat

If you think wide brim hats are only for summer or just suitable for beach vacations, well, this is another new fashion inspiration. It has a bohemian vibe that makes it perfect to wear with all your outfits in natural fabrics.

You can also wear a floppy hat in the winter with a dark floral dress and cute ankle boots. It will help you achieve an effortlessly feminine appearance.

Pom Pom Hat

This hat is also known as a toque in Canada, and it is perhaps the most widely known winter hat style for all women across the board. Like a beanie, it is a knitted cap that closely fits, but it has a fuzzy bobble at the top of the crown.

Appropriate to jazz up any winter outfit, the pom pom hats are broadly available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. But if you intend to buy just one, choose a large hat.


Beanies are available in various patterns and colors to suit virtually everyone's style. They are attractive with nearly all winter or fall outfits, and they are incredibly awesome for accessorizing casual weekend appearances.

There is the snug beanie as well as the slouchy beanie, and they are both super good hats you can own. The snug beanie is a head-hugging knit beanie you can pull out on a bad hair day or when you just need to run to the store.

You can also wear a snug beanie over long hair, especially if it is wavy or curly. It will help create a winter look that is both youthful and fun.

The slouchy beanie, on the other hand, is a face-framing beanie that has extra fabric at the top, giving it a relaxed appearance that is best for you to wear with your weekend winter basics and puffer coat.

Cowboy Hat

There is a trick to wearing a Western-inspired cowboy hat, and that is to dress against expectations. Although you can wear this style with a flannel kind of shirt and jeans, it is so much more stylish and modern to pair a cowboy hat with dressier appearances like the combination of a fur vest and cashmere sweater.

Military Hat

The military hat for women is also called a cadet hat or a peaked hat, inspired by the headwear seen on pilots, ship captains, and military people.

It can easily be spotted by its flattish, soft top, a thick band of fabric around the base of the crown (it sometimes gets amped up with decorative details), as well as a short, visor-like bill.

Wearing a military hat as a woman will add a jaunty look to your outfits, especially if it's in jeans.

Trapper Hat

This trapper hat is one of those happy winter fashion trends that is both super attractive and practical for women living in a cold climatic place. Modeled after a traditional hunter's hat, this stylish outdoor hat for women is often made of either suede, shearling, or leather.

You can wear a trapper hat everywhere in winter. You can wear it to forest hikes, even to the skating rink.


Hats for Women

Oh yes, you saw that right: Beret! Thanks to fashion bloggers, they have made this head-hugging, cotton/soft wool hat style to start experiencing new popularity in modern cities worldwide.

The close-fitting and rimless style of beret will beautifully frame your face, and wearing a beret will not distract from your beautiful outfit.

For a chic look, always remember to tilt it a bit, and you can wear a beret with virtually everything, from pantsuits or simple jeans outfits to sweater dresses and pleated skirts.

Fur Pillbox Hat

When the temperature takes a dive, you can keep your head warm and cozy with the fur pillbox hat, one of the most stylish and highest fashion of winter hats for women. It is also called a Zhivago hat, and from the 1965 movie starring Julie Christie, its soft furry shape has been flattering to all faces.

You can wear a fur pillbox hat with your fanciest outfits for going out during winter or with casual outfits, to instantly upgrade them.

Style-Boosting Hats For Women

Hats for Women

Just like hairstyles, women's hat styles constantly change. For instance, in the 1920s, turbans and musketeer hats were famous for women. But today, the hats mentioned above are those that are common.

Regardless of the decade, the types of hats for women remain the same, but what changes are the stylish ones, especially those hats that are capable of boosting your style as a woman.

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