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Nature has always been a source of creativity for jewelers. Today's designers create stunning jewelry pieces whose designs are reminiscent of those from the animal kingdom. These pieces depict everything from delicate birds in flight to cheeky monkeys and bringing pandas.

Animal Jewelry Mall is unique because it highlights a different aspect of the animal. Several of them are quite abstract, representing animals through the use of geometric patterns and gems. Some of the others have been painstakingly crafted down to the tiniest of details, with hand-carved wings and faces brought to life by sparkling gemstones. We have a wide variety of exquisite animal-themed jewelry that will impress even the pickiest of buyers.

Although insects aren't usually depicted alongside Snake Pendant that more prestigious animals in animal jewelry, there are some stunning examples. This dragonfly ring by Bibi Van der Velden, for instance, features tsavorite and opals that glint like the sun. White and brown diamonds accent the hand-engraved gold body.

What Messages Are Sent by Animal Jewelry?

Animals represent a wide variety of ideas and concepts of Animal bracelets. Different ones stand for different virtues, such as brawn, stealth, and sagacity. Many people find deep meaning in an animal's symbols and adopt it as their personal "spirit animal." If you want to Viper Beer Opener in memory of a special pet or another animal or to represent a meaningful bond, you should put some thought into what you buy.

A Snake Bottle Opener can be a beautiful accessory, but especially those going through a time of change or transformation. You can jazz up your look with a pair of butterfly earrings in shiny enamel or sterling silver. You could also wear the rebirth and renewal jewelry that features a snake. Surely a fiercely chic white gold snake coiled around your ring finger is the perfect way to channel this uplifting vitality. Absolutely stunning!

When Did People Begin Wearing Jewelry Made From Animals?

Bone snake earrings were worn by prehistoric hunters for thousands of years snake hoop earrings; ancient Egyptians prized golden scarab beetles. Animal depictions, both ancient and modern, have long served as religious icons and status symbols. These pictures have stood the test of time and are still influencing today's hottest trends.

Do Animals Benefit From Being Used as Jewels?

Many people think that donning a Brass Snake Bracelet animal-themed necklace, ring, or bracelet will bring them luck and prosperity. Such a statement can be made by donning a multicolored jade dragon bracelet. Wearing a stunning sterling silver paw print necklace is a timeless tribute to your beloved pet. And if you wear a frog ring set with sapphires, luck and prosperity will be on your side. Wearing a snake pendant necklace, which stands for perseverance, vigor, and, of course, enlightenment?

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