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15 Habits of Really Successful Artists

Helen Frankenthaler once said, “Every Canvas Is A Journey All its Own.”

Success is not something that can be achieved in one day, rather it is a rollercoaster ride with obstacles and hardships along its way. It requires sheer hard work, dedication, and consistency to nurture their art to be an artist worth remembering.

To develop a greater sight for being successful as an artist, one must develop Habits. Habits that can change an entire scenario of the present for the future. As they say, one’s actions in the present determine the results of their future. Similarly, the habits that are inculcated today will bear fruitful reasons tomorrow. Here is a list of 15 habits of really successful artists.

Practice, Practice, and Practice


Success has no shortcuts, one has to give their “whole and soul” to their dreams. Practice is the key element that lies in any artist’s art gallery. With practice comes perfection and with perfection comes uniqueness that helps you outshine others.

So, practice the skills as much as you can.

Creative Ideas

Talented artists create ideas and seek inspiration from their surroundings. They make ordinary things look beautiful on their canvas only with their creative imagination. Hence, always work behind the ideas that one has in their mind without giving any sort of second thought.

Collection of Their Own

Just like Picasso, his library comprises 1200 sculptures, 1800 paintings, 12000 drawings, and 2800 ceramics. Great artists tend to maintain a collection of their own. An excellent collection of their own self keeps them influenced to do more work in the future. Not only this, with “wonderful work comes wonderful appraisal” which makes them motivated to deliver the best of their capabilities.



The first impression is the last impression, they say. That's why Good artists make sure that their paintings and artwork are presentable to the audience. They enhance visualization through solid color carpets, symmetrical sizes of the frames, and panels for proper light domes.

Working on the Setbacks


Perfection is a myth! One can truly be amazing with their artworks but might lack somewhere. A wonderful artist always learns from his setbacks and mistakes. They work on the areas where they know something is missing. Once they recognize this, their work appears more precise and beautiful.

The Power of Their Instincts

Often said, “Don’t think before you work, work before you think.” a genuine artist always has powerful instincts about their work. The amendments and changes made through these instincts add signatory statements to their art pieces. The intuitive power of the brain is subconscious but still worth taking the chances, just like end moment changes of frames, adding vibrant neons (especially these days).

Working on Their Own Clock

Most successful artists are not Clock-Bound. They set their own parameters, break their comfort zones and work anytime according to their will, in the way they wish to. Be it 5 in the morning or 3 at night, it all depends on their interest to work. Along with that, an artist must practice time management.

One thing at a Time


Although, we are living in a world of “Multitasking generation” but a true artist puts all his energy into one masterpiece at a time. Art requires calmness and patience from within. Effective artists don’t rush in learning various art forms altogether, they give sufficient time to master one art form, but they make sure it comes out as a blockbuster.

Working Behind Goals

No artist works aimlessly, they are passionate about their work and set their goals accordingly. With no target, anyone’s mind tries to run in different directions, which ends up wasting a lot of time. A clever artist knows the importance of time and works in the direction of achieving these goals.

Listen to the Feedback

Feedback plays a crucial role in an artist’s life, it sorts of gives a reality check. Good or bad, great artists pick up compliments and criticism both with a smile. But they make sure that a poor compliment is never wasted and improve themselves in that region.


Art is a solitary activity, it requires the mind to focus. Having clarity and a deep sense of what the outcome will look like is an artist's greatest achievement. This vision comes only when the brain is focused.

Develop Techniques

With hard work, smart work is also necessary. Top artists practice various techniques to break off the barriers to their creativity. They give more time to build a strong foundation through their self-made techniques to achieve the best.

The Airplane Mode

Leave all the distractions behind and walk towards Ideas. Just like the airplane mode in cell phones vanishes off the “ping” notifications, bring something like that in life. An artist is never attracted to worldly pleasures while working, it’s just his keen observation and imagination that paints whatever surrounds him.

Other Interests and Hobbies

The lovers of art have a huge list of hobbies and interests other than painting and drawing, like reading, writing, music, and the list will never end. These hobbies help them refocus and enjoy other spices of life. This actually plays an important role in their overall development as it increases the scope for an Artist’s imagination level.

Smart at Price Points


Artists are quite smart when it comes to selling their collections or paintings. Say, for example, they can sell one huge wall hanging kinda painting for $3500, but they choose to opt for 10 small paintings each worth $350. Be it this way or that, the net amount remained the same, ending up profitable to them.

They play mind games with customers with an application of the business mind. Nevertheless, we all know small pieces are purchased in bulk for enhancing interiors of their offices or for lavishing home decor.

Summing It Up

In the fast-moving life, artists need to develop an essence of true inspiration and ideas to celebrate their work. You can find plenty of artistic inspirations at Great artists are not born great, they work hard for perfection and success. Inculcating the above-mentioned ideas in budding artists will help them improve in their careers and achieve greater heights.

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