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Best Guide to Cigar and Cigarette Lighters

There is no easier way to differentiate a gentleman from a boor than by the form used to toast his cigar. Factoring in more than just the sort of lighter used, you can say a lot about the style preferred by a cigar or pipe smoking gentlemen. Granted, there must be some time dedicated to a young man who has never appreciated a good cigar and who takes out a gas station lighter. However for any nobleman who participates in the pleasure of smoking, not possessing the appropriate lighting equipment is not just a sign of inexperience but more than that, a threat to the tobacco he burns with it. You can buy a bic or a Zippo lighter from any gas station but only a gentleman of class takes the time to purchase a set of Xicar Lighters.

Butane Lighter is a must

The truth remains that the only suitable lighter toast tobacco with is a butane lighter. The explanation for this is that the fuel does not influence the flavour or scent of tobacco as the many fuels found in the lighters you would find at every grocery store, gas station or cigarette shop. Whether it is to light your cigar or your bowl, the consistency of the fuel used is vital to ensuring that you get even burns without any chemical contaminants or tastes being added to the tobacco.

Another huge advantage of using a torch lighter is that the flame is significantly more powerful, making it easy to light easily and evenly a cigar or pipe that uses a moist tobacco.

Cigar Vs. Pipe lighters

Both cigar lighters and pipe lighters can be butane. There is no exception to this clause. There are however, variations between the two styles of lighters. Cigar lighters, or torch lighters, as they are also named, deliver a much more aggressive and hot flame that emerges from the tip of the lighter - check out this Quad Torch Flame Cigar Lighter.

A lighter pipe, on the other hand, is a softer flame that occupies a larger region and typically jets from the side of the lighter, making it simpler to angle the flame to the pipe without burning your fingertips. Although all types of lighters may be traded, it might be of the utmost importance to the true connoisseur to choose the correct lighter.

Why should you have a lighter on your person?

A lighter is like a handkerchief, you may use it yourself, however it is there to lend to anyone else in need. Just because you are not trying to smoke a cigar on your afternoon stroll, that does not imply you are not going to come across anyone else in search of light. Having the right to offer it is a tradition that goes back to the Victorian period when men will return to their living room after dinner for a cigar with their fellow guests. This history has persisted throughout most of the Edwardian period and persists to this day in many aristocratic households. As custom goes, it will be up to the host to give the men to use the lighter across the room. This was partially attributed to the mark of movies, but mostly because the lighters were not as secure or tiny back then, and you had less risk of setting yourself on fire or making gunpowder leak in your pocket if you only depended on the lighter provided by the host.

Nowadays, lighters are much more lightweight and safer to bear. As rituals grew more modern, it became a polite necessity to have a lighter with you. This tradition rose in prominence with the mass selling of tobacco in the 1940s and 1950s, which lasted far through the 1960s.

With a large proportion of the adult population consuming cigarettes, it is possible that you will be questioned for 'light' on a daily basis when walking around town. Today, most smokers bring their own torch, but there are also occasions when you will always be required to lend a light to those in need.

Of course, lighters are good for a number of things, besides lighting a cigarette, a pipe or a cigar. They are used daily for lamps, heating or even welding. A torch lighter is good for both of these things plus it is a luxury lighter that fits in any case. Sure, you might buy a BIC or Zippo lighter for a few bucks at the local gas station, but the consistency of the fluid is not suitable to cigars and pipe tobacco, and it can not be converted to premium butane as quickly as many tend to assume. Through carrying a torch lighter in your bag, you can be confident that you have an effective lighting method while smoking cigars, but you will also have a lighter that can perform several other tasks that a gentleman might find himself being required to perform.

Travelling with lighters

You don’t need to understand the hard way that you can never fly by air with a lighter. It was a question of forgetting that you might take it with you out of a force of habit. Airports do not take kindly to lighters and will make you dispose of it immediately because it is at a risk of exploding anytime at a high altitude. So if you have a lighter that you treasure a lot, be sure to leave it at home while flying or else airport security will take it.

Flames Styles

Most of the torch lighters come in three sizes. Single flame, double flame, triple flame. Of course, over the years, vendors have battled with each other by adding more blaze products, but for the most part, three is the most you would ever require. The main advantage of additional fire is the opportunity to light a greater circumference, uniformly all at the same moment. 

This may be particularly beneficial for anyone who uses bigger ring gauge cigars. The second explanation why certain men buy double or triple flame lighters is actually because of their beauty. A single flame provides more force and is much more practical than multiple flames. Multiple flames might look good but they will also take a lot of time to burn your cigar.

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