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Public Speaking for Women:
7 Ways to Ace Your Next Presentation

Public Speaking for Women

Greta Thunberg, a teenager, who shook the world with her speech on climate change, and Emma Watson, who has often raised concerns for education, employment, and other causes, are perfect examples of women speakers who used their power of words to inspire their audience and compel the world to think differently.

There are several female speakers whose high-impact speeches have encouraged innumerable aspiring women speakers to blaze trails in public speaking. Let's dig out what you can learn from these influential female speakers to hone your own speaking skills.

  1. Speak with Authority

When you stand on the stage to deliver a speech, you are the one with an authoritative task here, and your audience must understand your position of power.

It is important to speak about your perspective and also try to understand if the audience has a different opinion on the same. As a public speaker, you must speak with authority but should also be polite and humble.

Your authority is also reflected in your knowledge of the subject. Instead of just brushing through the subject, make sure that you grasp every detail of it, learn and understand it thoroughly, and know its facts and controversies.

Be in control of your words, take over the stage with utter confidence, and avoid using any phrases that reflect doubt, anxiety, or unnecessary apology.

  1. Emphasize Your Authenticity

The key to winning your audience’s heart is by unlocking it with your real self. Instead of trying to imitate somebody’s style of speaking or copying their way of delivery, try to give your authentic self more importance.

When you are yourself, you can play by your strengths and influence your audience. Doing so will also help you create an identity and establish your authentic and unique vocal brand.

  1. Be Clear With Your Message

Ladies, it is time to stop using phrases like, ‘I think, ‘According to me, ‘Maybe I am right, ‘I am sorry for this view,’ etc. It is extremely crucial to be clear with your message and stop apologizing for whatever you need to say. Tell your audience what you are going to tell them and what they must know. Not only does it help them retain your message longer, but it will also add more power to your content.

  1. Create a Wall for Criticism

If there are a hundred people in your audience, consider that there would be a hundred different opinions about you. There would be unsolicited advice on the way you speak, how your clothes are crushed, or even that they could’ve done it better than you.

Instead of paying heed to such arguments, create a wall for such negative criticism and ignore them completely. If you choose to channel your energy toward people’s opinions of you, you will end up disappointed and disheartened.

  1. It’s Not a War: Be Neutral

Being affirmative can sometimes trigger us into being defensive or into attacking somebody else from their perspective. Hence, instead of doing both such things, it is better to remain neutral and deliver your side of the story firmly yet politely.

Being at war in a public speaking event can act negatively on you and can raise concerns over your ability to handle conflicting opinions.

  1. Choose Progress Over Perfection

While it is necessary to strive for excellence, we must not forget to keep a check on our progress as well. Instead of focusing on perfecting every little detail, it is vital to improve overall and keep learning through the process.

  1. Wear Your Confidence, Literally

When it comes to the stage, the best thing to carry with you is your confidence. Do not be afraid of people judging, questioning, or mocking you. Instead, wear your confidence like armor and shine through like a knight.


Your content has value, something that is unique and cannot be replaced by anyone. We hope these tips will help you conquer the stage and become a fearless public speaker.

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