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How to Grow Your Cannabis Business With
Quality and Compliant Weed Packaging

In today's times, you can't distribute marijuana to customers in tiny, discreet baggies. The cannabis industry has evolved, and how you package your products matters, not just for the evident importance but to stay compliant with cannabis laws. Regardless of the type of product, as a cannabis business, you should prioritize packaging. There are a plethora of cannabis and CBD products out there with different packaging options. It is essential to pick one that merits that specific product. During your initial product design phase, go for a design that conveys your brand identity, attracts your target customers, protects your product, and conforms with the latest trends and legal requirements.

Laws Guiding Cannabis Packaging

As you are aware, the cannabis industry is heavily regulated, and these regulations extend to your product packaging. There are legal requirements that you must comply with while packaging your products. These requirements are specifically detailed and continually evolving depending on new developments in the cannabis market. Put this in mind when sourcing packaging materials.

Depending on the state, packaging laws for cannabis products vary widely. Cannabis packaging California laws prescribe different packaging methods for flower, vaporizer, edible, and concentrate products. Although typically, the same rules apply to these products except when the law notes specific differences

In the same vein, a California cannabis dispensary must follow clear packaging and labeling requirements specified in producing cannabis products.

Packaging choices must also be regarded alongside the necessary labeling regulations.

The Essence of Cannabis Packaging in growing your business

In the earlier years of cannabis legalization, packaging laws treated cannabis as a standard drug prescription. Medical cannabis dispensaries adopted the bland cylindrical pill bottles used by pharmacies and, subsequently, opaque, child-resistant bags. The designs gradually changed as new developments concerning protection and compliance cropped up in the industry.Compliance with weed labeling and packaging rules promotes the principal purpose of cannabis regulation: to prevent the availability of cannabis products to minors or its diversion to the black market. Asides from the legal requirement, here's how the right product packaging can grow your business

Stand out from the crowd

In an increasingly competitive market like the cannabis industry, Your product packaging distinguishes you from others. A customized fit for your CBD products allows your brand identity to stand out and attract your target customers. While it might sometimes be worthwhile to join the bandwagon in capitalizing on the attention a new product trend is getting, other times, it's better to forge a unique look.

Secure your products

Product packaging ensures that your product withstands the test of time and does not spoil quickly. Packaging conserves the freshness of your product.Product quality is one aspect where legal suppliers might have the edge over the black market, and this fact is due to product packaging.

Captivate your target consumers

Typically, High quality and exquisite packaging attract customers. In creating a packaging design, first, consider who your target consumers are. It should be your packaging goal to captivate them enough to pick your product from the shelves. Are you targeting millennials, medicinal users or luxury customers, or customers who are more concerned about the simplicity and sustainability of the product? Ensure that your Packaging targets them directly. For instance, more customers are now getting environmentally conscious, appeal to them by using recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials. Create a packaging design that conveys an 'organic' 'sustainable' or 'raw' ambiance with a muted color palette and less ink.

Transparency and honesty

Your packaging convinces the consumer that your brand is transparent and honest. In doing this, the product exterior should generally include product information and brand information. The production process, dosage, and ingredients enlighten customers about what they are ingesting and assure them of its safety. To spice it up, you could also include your brand story. It enhances the customer's trust in the product.

Give your brand a unified look

With Packaging, you could develop a unified look for your brand, using a variety of designs for your products types. The goal is for customers to recognize your brand and choose it among multitudes of others. Plus, Your Packaging should communicate its quality, benefits, and safety to consumers.

Packaging for E-commerce or Delivery

Just like placing an order on Amazon or your favorite pizza place, a quick call or online ordering will bring cannabis products to a customer's doorstep in no time. Use sturdy, puncture-resistant, and easily transportable packaging for efficient delivery. It reduces the incidents of customers complaints, dissatisfaction, or returns. For medical cannabis delivery, a strong, child-resistant packaging designed to retain the freshness and aroma while blocking out toxic contaminants such as UV light, moisture, and oxygen, would serve your products best.

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