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Ground-Rules for Framing a
Persuasive Speech Outline

By Nionica Starc

When a person delivers a speech to convince the audience about his or her point of view, it is termed as a persuasive speech. When we talk about speech, there are a lot of factors that come at play. Persuasive speech is as much about oratory as is about writing skills. So, today we will be looking at the nitty-gritty of writing a persuasive speech.

Ground-Rules for Framing Persuasive Speech Outline

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Standard writing depends on the format of the write-up to a large extent. So, the ground-rules for framing the template of a persuasive speech involve:

  1. Starting nicely
    It would help if you introduced yourself to the audience at first. Share your background, and look for ways to connect with the people. For instance, you can commence your speech by sharing an anecdote. You can even include humor in your opening pitch.
  2. Stating the topic
    Next, you must get to the point and state the topic of the speech. You must spark the interest of the people with catchy statements. Be very precise, and mention the central theme of the topic, i.e. the thesis statement. Fill in a sentence or two so that the people can relate to it. For instance, “Sanitizers alone won’t be able to fend off Coronavirus; we must follow the social distancing protocols strictly.”
  3. Providing arguments
    In the body section, you have to provide validated arguments. To do this, your research must be spot on. Collect cases to support your statements. Moreover, you must remember that your speech is a call for action. Thus, you have to clearly state the issues, elaborate the problems with examples and highlight statistics, survey results, etc. For example, you can highlight the major issues that people are facing due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the decline in the economy, etc.
  4. Stating the solutions along with reasonable steps
    Now it’s time to state your perspective. For example, you should stress on the fact what people are experiencing due to a few irresponsible citizens who are defying lockdown guidelines. You should mention how the steps are necessary to curb the situation and how we will only delay the process if we don’t. You can cite solutions provided by the WHO and suggest certain relaxations in the least affected areas. Do not forget to mention the steps that can help us avert the threat, such as volunteer service, allowing half the number of staffs in office.
  5. Stressing the Significance of the Steps
    Here, you have to stress the fact that if the steps are implemented successfully, the pandemic can be kept at bay. You must convince the listeners of a brighter future if they abide by the rules. Moreover, if people have doubts, you have to clarify them. Your speech must persuade listeners to take immediate actions.
  6. Concluding Impactfully
    There is a well-known adage that says repetition legitimizes. Thus, you have to repeat the main points in your speech, especially while you are concluding. Highlight the key features of the speech and mention the thesis statement. Do not forget to shed light on the future scope of action.

    If you go through the blog carefully, you would definitely understand the prerequisites that are essential for making the speech impressive. You can also go through online examples in the university libraries or check out the newspapers. This would help you gain further insight as to how to craft a persuasive speech following the format.

Author Bio: Nionica Starc is an active blogger, and he shares tips on essay papers and formatting of academic papers. Furthermore, he is associated with, where he supervises the assignments written by the experts.

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