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8 Great British Telly Shows to Stream on DStv Now

If you are fond of satellite television services, then DStv is all you need. This South African broadcasting service provides access to more than 200 channels. It also lets you access some streaming platforms like Showmax and MultiChoice. 

Despite DStv’s popularity in other countries, it is a geo-restricted service available in South Africa only. In order to access DStv in UK, Australia, USA or Germany, you need to use a reliable VPN. 

In this article, we’ll enlist some of the greatest British Telly Shows on DStv. 

Great British Telly Shows

8 Best British Telly Shows to Stream on DStv

DStv provides some of the best British Entertainment content. When it comes to streaming something interesting and entertaining, British telly shows lead the race. It has some of the most entertaining TV shows; here are eight of them that are totally worth the watch.

1. Cold Courage

This show is one of the best crime series on DStv and has only eight episodes. Cold Courage raises its voice against a lot of wrongdoings in the UK, highlighting issues like racism, injustice, tyranny, and corruption

Starring Sofia Pekkari and John Simm, it is definitely a series u should add to your watchlist on DStv. 

  • IMDb rating: 7/10
Great British Telly Shows

2. McDonald and Dodds

This highly popular crime, murder mystery, suspense, and detective show is about the rare and unique partnership of a detective and a chief inspector in order to solve crime issues in the city of Bath. 

The chemistry and contrary personality of the duo keep its viewers engaged. If you’re into a good script, strong storyline, and great characters, McDonald and Dodds is a must-watch on DStv.

  • IMDb rating: 7.5/10

3. The Great British Bake Off

If you’re into baking and cooking, The Great British Bake Off is the show for you on DStv. It is the biggest British Baking Competition show that has having 13 seasons.

Contestants are assigned baking tasks and need to impress the judges in order to win. In each episode, one player is eliminated. You should definitely watch this if baking is your passion or even if you are fond of desserts.

  • IMDb rating: 6.5/10
Great British Telly Shows

4. Eden: Untamed Planet 

This show will leave you fascinated, amused, and inspired by nature and its species. It reflects the biodiversity of nature and uncovers the secrets of our planet Earth. It talks about Forests, Coasts, Deserts and Valleys and discusses various ecosystems.

This show not only teaches you a lot about nature but also knocks the sense in you to protect nature and treat its inhabitants with kindness. Watch Eden on DStv in HD quality. 

  • IMDb rating: 8.3/10

5. Years and Years

Looking at the past only to learn from your mistakes is what the show, Years and Years tells us. The series talks about the lifestyle and events of the Lyons family as they observe increasingly turbulent world affairs and the emergence of the power of Vivienne Rook.

The show won the Seal of Authentic Representation Award for being mindful of people with disabilities and representing them by casting Ruth Madeley. It is the perfect show to watch on Sundays on DStv. 

  • IMDb rating: 8.3/10
Great British Telly Shows

6. The Chase

This is a great show for those willing to learn, compete, and excel. In this British Telly show, contestants are supposed to compete with a professional and brilliant quizzer named Chase. 

The show gets exciting as Chase competes with all his abilities to stop contestants from winning. It proves to be a great source of learning with entertainment. If trivia and quizzes are your things, watch The Chase on DStv now. 

  • IMDb rating: 6.4/10

7. Animal Impossible

This is yet another great series on nature and animals. Hosted by Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle, the show answers all the questions a human mind wonders regarding animals and this planet. 

It uncovers many truths, clears many myths, and reveals new discoveries related to the animal kingdom. It is one of the best British telly shows on DStv.

  • IMDb rating: 7.9/10
Great British Telly Shows

8. Baptiste

Who doesn't enjoy watching detective series? Well, Baptiste is all about it. The story is about a detective, Julien Baptiste who gets retired. 

After his retirement, he is not confident about his detective abilities but when his friend asks for help from him, he is ready to give all it takes to solve the missing people mystery. 

A good entertaining thrill and suspense are what the show gives you. You can watch Baptiste on DStv easily. 

  • IMDb rating: 7.3/10

Is there a DStv App?

Yes, for user convenience and so that the subscribers can enjoy watching their favorite shows from anywhere they are, DStv has a dedicated app. You get access to exclusive content, can make personalized profiles, and create your own watchlist by using the DStv app

Great British Telly Shows

Wrap Up!

DStv is one of the best satellite television services, broadcasting content in African countries. However, if you wish to access content from a geo-restricted country like USA, UK, or Australia, you should use a VPN. 

This article gives a brief overview of the eight best British telly shows available on DStv. 

Where shows like Eden: Untamed Planet and Animal Impossible teach you about nature, reality shows like The Great British Bake Off and Chase teach you about sportsmanship and true spirit in competing with someone. 

If thrill, suspense, drama, mystery, murder, and crime are your go-to categories, then Cold Courage, McDonald and Dodds, Years and Years, and Baptiste will prove to be the right tv shows for you.

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