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Stuck in a Rut? Four Ways to Kick Start a Comeback!

By Jason M. Gracia

Feel like you're just running through the motions every day? Doing the same old things that you've always done? Get up, go to work, eat, sleep, repeat...

Don't feel bad, you're not alone. Most people get sucked into letting routine run the show. And it's easy to see why. It's not that everyone is lazy; routine is very, very strong, and even the best of us get trapped by it.

Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to beating this problem. The simple tips below will help you break free of habit and kick start an exciting and successful comeback!

  1. Don't Believe This
    Despite what you may have heard, you're never too old to change. If you're alive and kicking, you're more than able to go for it. There's no rule book on enjoying life. Any age is the perfect age to go for it.

    I have read many stories about people who were supposed to be too old to do this or that - and they did it. It always has been, and always will be, a state of mind. So make sure your state of mind is clear about one thing - the right time is now. You, yes you, are the perfect age to do everything you want to do.

    After you've got the age issue in check, it's time to beef up on your daydreaming skills...

  2. Can You See the Picture?
    Life is a blank slate waiting for you to fill it up with your own thoughts, hopes, and ambitions. That's why it's important to master the art of imagination. The better you are at creating exciting and motivating pictures of your future, the more excited and motivated you will be to make them happen.

    Let's say you want to get a new job but can't seem to find the motivation you need to get things moving. Here's what you do. Imagine everything going exactly the way you want it from the very first day on the job. Picture yourself coming to work with a smile, making new friends, and bringing in major successes for the company.

    Everything you want should have an exciting mental picture to go with it. Have you been using your imagination as often as you should be?

  3. Hey, I Can Do That Too!
    One of the best ways to get excited about changing your own life is to learn about the life of someone else. Many of the great men and women we learn about in history class found their inspiration through the stories of those who came before them. They scratched their heads thinking, 'If one person could do all that, couldn't I do the things I want to do?' Yes!

    Consider the things you want to do with your life and then get out there and learn about people who followed a similar path. Better yet, uncover the stories of people who went much farther than you are planning on going. It will motivate you to think about a bigger and better picture of tomorrow.

  4. I'm Not Afraid Anymore
    You may not want to admit it, but you're not doing the things you really want to do because a small - or large - part of you is afraid. It's okay. We're all afraid of leaving our comfort zone. It's universal. But that doesn't mean you have to let it beat you. You can work through the fear and get what you want.

    The first key is focus. You need to know what you're afraid of instead of avoiding it like most people do. You know you can't fix a problem you can't even see. That's why you need to get clear about what's going on in your head. When you do, you'll be amazed at what happens. Fears that linger beneath the surface take on a size that is much larger than reality. In other words, when you don't know what you're afraid of, it can feel like the fear is an enormous, overwhelming thing. But when you shine some light on it, you see it for what it really is - a much smaller matter than you thought it was.

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