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10 Gifts Ideas For Naruto Fans
that Can't go Wrong in 2022

There is no doubt that Naruto is a popular anime movie among the younger generation, especially the kids. Naruto is a classic cult series that tells the adventurous story of a mischievous adolescent named “Ninja Naruto Uzumaki”. Getting a perfect gift for a would-be ninja can be an arduous task. If you need gifts for a family or friend who is a big Naruto fan, we are here to give you ideas that can't go wrong. Make them feel like a true ninja and yell, “Dattebayo” every time they look at that gift. Pay attention as we discuss 10 gift ideas in this post.

1. Naruto Coloring Pages

Kids who love the Naruto anime will enjoy this anime coloring pages. Naruto anime images are part of the collection of these coloring pages. This coloring pages would be the best choice due to the stunning illustrations, elaborate designs and various standout images.

From the first page of the coloring page, Naruto fans will have an enjoyable chance to take part in the fascinating world of Naruto. Coloring the different images on the pages using their imaginative skill and the knowledge from the movie will bring the chance to experience exciting hours with their favorite character. They can try using unexpected colors, mixed colors and even alternate colors to make the Naruto anime images come to life.

Naruto gifts

So, all that is needed is the preparation of the crayons, pencils, or anything that is perfect for coloring. Don’t hesitate to fill these brilliant and appealing artworks with your imagination and vibrant colors. 

2. Gaara's Gourd Backpack

Who doesn't love a stylish backpack that will be admired by people who sees it.This backpack is shaped in a replica of Gaara's sand gourd even though Gaara was a hateful, selfish character until the transformation came after meeting Naruto and being shown friendship and teamwork. He later became a village leader and as a shinobi uses his special sand contained in his gourd in fighting the enemies. 

 This sand gourd backpack is an officially licensed product that stands 25" high and has a beautiful design that will thrill any Naruto fan. Getting someone this gift allows them to journey in their fantasy that they are truly carrying around sand infused with powerful chakras of Gaara. The bag holds its shape and is spacious inside for storing books or other items as is needed by a fan.

3. Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband

Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband is designed to be one size fits most. The 2.5" tall headband is made of very dark navy blue fabric and silver metal detailing that makes it unique in its design. Great Eastern Entertainment officially licensed this Naruto product as the company is known as the leading manufacturer of animation and entertainment merchandise.

Naruto gifts

Naruto fans given this gift will be excited to wear a very accurate replica of the headband that is worn by one of the most favorite characters, Naruto, in the movie. The headband symbolizes his belonging to the village of Konoha which is also called the Hidden Leaf village. The symbol on the front of the headband is the Hidden Leaf symbol from the movie.

4. Naruto Box Set 1( volume 1-27)

Naruto Box Set 1( volume 1-27) is a box set collection of what is known as the “the world’s most popular ninja/manga comic!” The truth is that each book is a paperback version of the popular manga movie. The volume comes in the set of a thick, corrugated cardboard case that safeguard it. It is a great gift to make a Naruto fan engage with a volume that tells where it all began.

These box volumes feature Naruto’s early years as a “ninja-in-training” and still getting into quite a lot of teenage trouble which makes the story line intriguing. There are additional premium items included with the box set that will interest a Naruto fan.

5. Naruto Box Set 2 (volume 28-48)

Naruto Box Set 2, the second manga box set that forms the entire Naruto story can serve as a perfect gift for any Naruto fan. The first series debuted in 1999 and became the third best-selling manga series of all time. Naruto anime fans will definitely enjoy these volumes as they relive the story in a new way. 

With this box set 2, fans will have a great time reading these and getting more enlightenment about the character. The story line is a must read with sharp fighting scenes and incredible creativity. This manga is great for adolescents and adults who can easily relate with the character development in this volume. .

6. Naruto Plush

A Naruto plush gift is good for younger fans as the plush is soft and safe and can provide some serious comfort for a Naruto. It will bring nighttime ninja protection or friendly playtime for a would-be ninja. The Naruto Plush toy is officially licensed by Great Eastern. It is of high quality and stands about 9" high with arms folded with a familiar fierce look on its face that isn't scary.

Naruto gifts

The small details in the Naruto plush gift include a ninja tool bag and the spiral crest that symbolize the Uzumaki clan. This is a simple gift to give to anyone who has seen all of the anime series and read the manga volume. 

7. Naruto backpack

Naruto backpack is a large capacity backpack that any Naruto fan who stays pretty much on the go will love to have strapped on their back. It has a large laptop pocket for laptops up to 15 inches, separate compartments of several other smaller pockets, a carrying handle and adjustable straps which makes it a beautiful one owned by a fan.

It is an officially licensed Naruto product that is made of high-quality materials that won’t wear and tear. It is unlike the average backpack and a great fully functional gift item. This is definitely a gift idea that anyone can choose for a friend or family who is a Naruto fan.

8. Favorite character shirt

It isn’t a crime for a Naruto fan to have a favorite character in the series and to wear a shirt that has the image on it. Fans of any series will always have that special character that makes them don’t want to stop seeing that series and one they would have loved to be. The Naruto series comprises characters in the category of; Naruto’s pre-teen, teen, and first-generation (Buruto Uzumak)i. The series has 101 characters which makes it more fun to give a Naruto fan a gift of their favourite character in the form of a shirt. The Naruto gifts can also be a Cloud-Crew Neck Fleece Sweatshirt that is beautifully designed.

9. Gumstyle Anime Anti-slip house slippers

Anti-slip house slippers are comfy house slippers that keep the feet warm.The insides of the slippers are made of fleece for extra warmth and come in several sizes from which to make a choice.

Naruto gifts

It is a good gift for a female friend or family which provides the opportunity to showcase her love of Naruto with her feet. They  have non-slip soles so they can be worn both inside and outside.

10. Naruto Anime Blanket

Naruto fans will love this gift of a gorgeous blanket to keep them warm even in the coldest months of winter. It is in a few different sizes (50 by 40 inches) that is made of flannel which makes it soft to the touch.The blanket is designed with two of the favourite characters, Naruto and Sasuke and will have fans covered warmly as they take a rest.

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