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Best Gift Idea for Arts and Crafts Lovers

If you are one of those people who love crafts & arts, especially painting, then this article will be interesting for you. And if you’re one of those who sometimes look for a special gift for your loved ones and don’t know what to give them, you’ll be excited by reading this. I’m going to tell you now about a special way to make a painting. Not everybody knows how to paint as well as not everybody does have all the equipment needed for painting at hand. And painting is not easy, trust me.

Have you ever heard of painting by numbers? It’s not a new concept, it has been around since many years, but during the last year it gained a lot of attention and people got obsessed with it. Lockdowns in a lot of countries tied people at home for a certain time and this forced them to look for mindful and reasonable activities. Some people started to learn new things, learn to play instruments, play with their kids more and some started to craft.

gift idea

The concept of paint by numbers is very simple. Your canvas contains the picture that you must paint. It is drawn with very light and thin lines so that you can cover them with your paints easily. The whole picture is split into small segments, each segment then numbered. The numbers of the segments relate to certain colors. Usually there are 24 or 36 different color tones delivered with the panting. Everything depends on how detailed the painting is and which colors are needed to finish it.

Why is the Paint by numbers kit a suitable gift?

The kit contains all the things you need to finish. That means, the one who gets it doesn’t have to rush into a store to collect paints or brushes.

A kit contains:

  1. Canvas with the resulting picture drawn with subtle lines
  2. All necessary acrylic paints, stored in small pots and numbered properly
  3. Different kinds of nylon brushes to use to special purpose
  4. Instruction sheet with all the color codes and resulting image

Now when you have the full painting kit, you’d like to know how to start. Again, everything is easy and straightforward:

  1. Lay your canvas in front of you. Check it thoroughly, if the print is OK and if there are no visible damages or bends. You’ll need to make the canvas as flat as possible. Either just by hands but can use iron though a towel as well.
  2. Have a look at your instruction sheet. You must identify places with lighter colors and those will be painted as first ones.
  3. Also, it’s always better to paint larger parts first and only then smaller details.
  4. Finish your painting with darkest colors and smallest spaces.
  5. Always keep your canvas dry, have all the paints dry before you paint the adjacent parts, or your paints would get mixed.
  6. Always use a clean brush. Never let your paints get spoiled by putting a dirty brush from one paint pot to another. Wash your brushes regularly and dry them in between.

Now the question is what kind of painting to start with? Among the common designs are the most popular paintings with animals. Horses, lions, rabbits and especially dogs are sought after. People also love to gift flowers – tulips, peonies, flowers in vases.

gift idea

If you want to make your gift special, you have the possibility to take a personal image that shows your family or your pet, a vacation moment and have it transformed into a unique Custom Paint by Numbers kit. If you gift this, people will love you for that. They will get something, which will provide them with an entertaining activity and finally they will keep their painting as a new piece of home décor.

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