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10 Tips to Get Your Paper Published
in an Academic Journal

Getting a research paper published in a well-known academic journal is not an easy task. The journal's main focus is usually on well-written articles with proper research and the best methodology used. Knowing the complexity of the article selection of different publications, most authors tend to take the help of dissertation writing services the UK- based to get the help in writing quality content.

Tips to get your paper published in an academic journal

As aiming for publishing your paper can stress you easily, SO! Worry not as I am going to give proper tips that will help you in writing the content that is worth publishing either in an academic journal, or scientific journal, or something else.

Keep it simple:

The first tip is to keep your research paper as simple as possible by keeping in mind the audience and the international readers.The topic can be complex, but it does not mean that the writing of the paper should be complex. Instead of dragging your sentences, try to keep them simple and try to be straightforward.

No one will love to read your stories written in the research paper, and probably it will be rejected. Avoid the use of unusual words and try to use simple words.

Recognize your audience:

Before writing a research paper, think about your audience and answer the following questions by keeping your research in mind.

  • Who is your audience?
  • Are they philosophers and scientists or the local public? Will they understand the language that you are going to use in the paper?
  • Is your audience familiar with the language that is used in the research paper?

Another method is to consider yourself as an audience and think about why you will read your research paper? What considerations by the side of the researcher will force you to read that paper?Respect your audience, and by respecting them, you should not use such language that is unfamiliar for the reader. There should be no biasness in your content as well. It is advised to avoid personal attacks in your research paper. Avoid criticizing anyone in your paper.

By taking care of all these points, the chances of rejection of the research paper will be decreased.

Asked your colleagues or professors to review the paper:

Before sending a paper for publication, make sure that you get it reviewed by your colleagues and the professors. It will also serve as proofreading, and the chances of rejection will be less. Try to proofread it at least 10 times. It will increase the worth of your research paper.

You may turn in your paper to one of those buy dissertation online services, which offer proofreading and editing services. Ask them to critically review your research paper and take their reviews positively and try to improve these mistakes.

Make it specific:

Most of the researchers' mistakes are that they select too many objectives for their research paper. It may negatively affect the research paper, and the chances of its rejection will be increased. Just try to remain more specific and stick to a few objectives as possible.

Don’t try to fit your very large Ph.D. dissertation into a few thousand words, as that only serves to reduce clarity. Take a few important objectives and focus on them and include the rest of the objectives in a linked paper.

Follow the right submission procedures:

The major reason for the rejection of most research papers is that the researchers do not follow the right submission procedures given by the journal. After writing a research paper, one thing you should consider is to follow the proper instructions given by the journal administration.

Always read the guidelines and follow them properly before making your submission.

Choosing the right journal:

The selection of the right journal is very important while submitting your research paper. Choose the journal according to the nature of your research paper. Follow all the submission criteria and instructions. It will help to increase the chances of getting the paper published on the first attempt. Check the influence of your chosen journal, which will help you in attracting a quality audience to your work.

Make a story that flows logically:

The narration of your research article needs to be in a logical manner, rather than based on what was done first. For example, if you have conducted experiments, it is important to write them in a logical flow so that the reader gets a better understanding of what was done and what you mean.If you write chronologically, then that might break the logical flow of the argument.

Focus on writing first before editing:

The prime focus when working on your research article should be on the writing part. You can make your task easy by using bullet points for ideas under every heading and setting a daily word limit goal for yourself. Don’t worry about editing your work until you have finished writing as it takes away the flow of writing.

Focus on the clarity of your arguments:

If you find it difficult to edit your own work, you can opt for a journal article editing service to refine your writing and give feedback to further improve the quality of your article. Don’t worry about editing your work until you have finished writing as it takes away the flow of writing.

Make sure that the main argument you are presenting in the paper is mentioned at the beginning or in the abstract (Wisconsin College, n.d.). Do not make the reader search for your argument throughout your paper, rather make it crystal clear and let your whole paper flow with your main argument in mind.

Get experience by writing reviews for journals:

If you have never been published before, it is a good idea to start with writing reviews for the journal. This way, you are getting experience with the task of writing papers and how they are reviewed. Get in touch with the journal you are interested in and express your wish to work on few reviews for them. Journals usually need more reviewers than writers, so chances are they are looking for one right now!

Focus on explaining the context of your research:

A lot of times good research is not published because the writers fail to clearly show how their research fits into the wider literature. Make sure you are stating the gap your research fills and how it relates to the literature on the topic. This is a crucial element of good quality research, and if you miss it, you miss the chance of getting published.

Finally! By following these 10 tips your work can get published in the research journal of your choice. You have worked hard on your research, and you need to work hard on changing your paper to fit the needs of a published journal article.

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