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This Is How You Can Get More Employable in Canada

COVID-19 has impacted tremendously the living state of people including their jobs, businesses, and accommodation. People left with no option with the primary objective to save their life, ultimately reducing the economy compelling the companies to cut down their employment. Meanwhile, Canada is the only country to recover from this uncertainty and has an amazing curve supporting the peoplefor employment. 

Canada also has not even shown any drastic impact of this or not even slowed down the economy rather invited 1 million Canada skilled immigration workers to apply for permanent residency and build a future for themselves. Now it's your time to grab the opportunity to work in Canada, for that you need to prepare yourself with the help from immigration Lawyers in Toronto and write a quality resume. Keep on reading to know tips that will fast-tracked your application to get a dream job in Canada.

Make Sure your Canadian Resume/CV is Up-to-Date:

Remember that your Resume is always your first impression and it is substantially crucial if you land an interview to get your dream job in the country. You are also required to have previous employment references mentioned on your CV and it should be relevant to the position you are applying for.

Update your Professional Social Networking Presence:

Building and maintaining your online presence plays a vital role in searching for remote jobs in Canada. Professional Social Networking sites such as LinkedIn enable you to leverage common connections, connect with recruiters, and discuss issues with members of your progressing network and in industry groups.

Assess your Qualifications:

In most of the jobs in Canada, you have certain qualifications or credentials assessed. This ensures that your skills meet Canadian standards. However, there are some jobs in Canada such as teaching, medical, and social work professions that do not require an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). There is also a heavy demand for Canada skilled immigration workers. Also, some types of jobs will require regulatory training and examinations.

Know exactly where the Jobs are in your Occupation:

We know that “Knowledge is Power”. Maybe you are an award-winning biologist or maybe a highly-skilled engineer with amazing skills and good experience. But you must be knowing where those jobs are available in the country and why those jobs are at those places.

You should also be aware of the regular networking events in your field, pay scale along with the local and regional employment rates.

Practice your Interview Techniques:

We are living in a progressively globalized world, and many of the employers these days are interviewing potential employees online through various platforms. This means that you could be asked to conduct an interview from outside Canada and you can get an interview from any part of the world.


As we have come to an end of our topic guiding you to be more employable in Canada. Get in touch with Goldfinch, the top immigration consultants in Dubai, and remember to be confident in the whole process of selection. Just believe in yourself and practice speaking out in front of a mirror or friends, as this will really help you to become more comfortable with the ideas you are presenting. 

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