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How to Get and Improve
Product Images for Your Business

Product Images

You must have heard of the quote - A picture is worth a thousand words! Well, the quote stands true for the eCommerce or drop-shipping based business models. Having the best quality product images that are branded with the logo design is the right way to popularize your brand and market your products to customers. The name logo product images used in your Business can be worth more than just plain words.

Having attractive product images with effective branding can help your business stand out from the competition. If we take a look at the bigger picture, the eCommerce entrepreneur needs to understand the role of product images for a Business and how they can improve the design standards to contribute to business success.

In this article, we are going to explain the importance of eCommerce product images & how to get the most amazing ones for your Business. The below-mentioned tips are going to help you out with choosing the cleaning logo images for your Business products.

Tips To getting Perfect Cleaning Logo Images For Business

1. Get Pictures Directly From The Suppliers

No matter if you’re working as a private drop shipping supplier or have a website, grab all sorts of product images and logo designs available in the store. You can find the additional photos in the description section. Save them manually, edit and use the updated background to match with the website theme.

2. Customer Reviews From Suppliers

Customer reviews are an effective solution to build trust between online stores & customers. The majority of Business provide customer reviews on the store as they are of utmost importance. Cleaning logo images and getting them added to the store where users can post their feedback is going to boost the authenticity of the products. Choose to add the customer’s images from the supplier store and use them to show feedback or testimonials.

3. Ask Your Supplier For Unique Pictures

A lot of the store owners are not aware but suppliers keep more than one product photo to showcase on the website. Ask them to share the most unique logo design product photos that can add value to your product. With better and multiple product images, your store is going to make a separate mark in the industry.

4. Take Pictures From Other Competitors

In the eCommerce or dropshipping business model, keeping an eye on the competitors can help you adopt some very good practices. You should always be targeting the customer’s good ideas and especially what product type they are choosing for. However, you’re not allowed to use competitor logo design or product images but can take the right idea from the same. Take inspiration and avoid copy-pasting the same thing in your store.

5. Pictures From Your Customer Reviews

The customers are likely to leave reviews after purchasing products from your Business. Make sure to provide the right option and flexibility to do the same. You can copy the reviews pictures & do the same on your customer reviews.

A customer testimonial is an effective tool to gain new customers and compel them to purchase. The product images with logo design & customer testimonials will help in building user trust for your Business. These can also be used for creating good and catchy advertisements for the products. It has been seen that the ads with customer testimonials are usually performed better. You can find a lot of tools to add customer testimonials with product pages. You can also seek the help of some website developers to do the same.

6. Order A Sample Product

Are you looking for ways to make your Business unique? Well, the product photos with the name logo can help with the same. You can order a sample product from a supplier and create good and compelling photos out of the same. With the compelling product images, you can offer an unmatched user experience on the Business. Take photos from multiple angles and try new backgrounds.

You can also move one step forward and create an unboxing video. Showing the product in action is surely going to improve the visualization scope. It builds countless opportunities to showcase your product to potential customers.

Tips To Improve Drop-shipping Product Images

Once you’ve got enough images for the products, it’s time to revamp their design and make them suitable to make the maximum impact. One thing is to optimize them so that they can serve to improve page speed, search engine ranking for your website. Here is some other cleaning logo images approach to gain the maximum benefits:

1. Remove Image Background

Before adding the images to your drop-ship store, make sure they’re fulfilling the intended purpose; that is the precise and clear showcase of the product. The customer should be able to get the very initial idea about the product and its highlights from the image itself. Hence, it is recommended to remove the image background & add the brand logo. Avoid using any decorative borders, text, badges on the product images as they can diminish the value of your product and even make your images look cheap.

The drop-shipping product should not have any noisy or improper background especially if it's not white and clear. The goal of the product images is to showcase the item properly to the audience. So, it's better to keep cleaning logo images and ensure adding them in the product images. You can even find numerous background removal tools online.

2. Add Zoom Effect In Your Images

Present your Business product images with a zooming effect as any viewer hovers the mouse on the same. Simply put, the product images can be like having a magnifying glass and running effectively on multiple devices. Such minor enhancements can increase the customer experience just like the fact that the best logo design in product images can boost engagements. You can easily find a lot of online tools to add the zooming feature to your online store. Hiring a website developer is also a good idea to achieve such engaging and interactive experiences.

3. Name Your Image Files

Just like the keyword in the web content, alt-text for the product images also helps in boosting search engine ranking for the Business. The search engine crawler can check the images file name and show relevant results to users. Hence, naming the image files along with adding a name logo can enhance the product image SEO. Make sure to check all the images file names and rename all those having the wrong ones. For instance, if there is an image of a new year sale on the online store, it must be renamed as “New Year Sale.jpg” instead of anything else. Monitor and analyze the same thing for all other images available in the store.

4. Optimize Image Alt Text

Cleaning logo images & product images by optimizing them is one way to make the best use of product images on the Business. The Alt-text or Alternative text is shown on the website if there is any problem with the loading of the image. The user can at least get the idea of what was supposed to be there. Some modern technologies are used to read the alt text aloud for visually impaired users.

The optimized alt-text of the product images on the online store can help in boosting SEO standards as well. You can easily add the alt-text on the images of the store while uploading the same.

5. Image Angles

Every set of product images on the Business must have multiple angles. Having just one angle of the product image is not able to make that much visual impact on the audience. Find which angles best demonstrate the product types and features and always use them in the Business. Adding your brand name logo to the product images can enhance the branding of your business.

But, what if there is only one angle available for the product? You can try to find some good angles or even take the help of a professional eCommerce photographer. Some business are even preferring to add 3D animations in product images along with logo design to gain impressive visibility. These might seem a minor thing to you but multiple angles of a product can trigger the user’s purchase option. Hence, it is important to use the best product images in your business and present them in the most complimenting form.

6. Reduce The Image File Size

Every image size matters in the business and hence you need to take care of the same. All image file sizes must be optimized and should not be impacting the customer’s experience in any way. Cleaning logo images & product images is one way to maintain the faster website loading speed and improved customer experience. No user wants to wait for the website to load more than two seconds and can impact your drop-shipping business.

One way to reduce the image size is to open it in Paint and re-saving again. Use the newly saved image on the website for faster page loading. Often a lot of images are raw and have high resolutions leading to increased image file size. You can also take the help of various online tools to optimize images or take the assistance of the website developer to resize and update all product images and logo design images manually.


We hope you’ve understood the importance of images and their impact on the customer’s purchase decision. The drop-shipping industry is having a huge competition these days and hence your brand/product images should have the perfect branding with logo design.

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These tools can surely prove to be beneficial for your online business with a plethora of advantages. Make your brand stand out with the store’s images and boost user engagement with creative designs. Do not ignore the potential of the eCommerce and business images no matter if they’re used as banners, advertisements, product images, or anywhere else. It also depends on the creativity of the designers and the implementation approach to finding out what works better for you.

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