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Future of Translation: Predictions for 2022

The speed at which technology, in general, is moving ahead is a clear indication that several industries are finding new ways of evolving. The translation services are not an exception to this trend. Let's take a closer look at the advances in the field of machine translation and its implications. Although machine translation is far from perfect, it can do a lot to speed up the work of translators. Human translation services are utilizing the range of developments in the field of technology to ramp up quality as well as speed. So, what does 2022 hold in store for the translation industry? Let's find out.

Use of AI in translation: It is a fact that artificial intelligence is used in several ways in the localization and translation industries. This trend is going to keep moving forward in 2022 and beyond. The potential here is just massive. It is predicted that this year we are going to see more sophistication in the way AI is used for the translation services sector. The use of NLP or Natural Language Processing is an excellent example of this. We are also likely to observe an increased focus on data annotation work.

Increased utilization of machine-translated texts: One of the key trends for 2022 will be more attempts at leveraging the new kinds of translation to improve their quality. With the advancement in devices such as mobile phone cameras keeps moving forward, so will how the translation engines use the technology. Other AI forms of the translation will come into the picture as well. For instance, machine-generated news items, blog posts, and other kinds of content can be translated for an overseas audience. 

More collaboration between human and machine translators: Although machine translation is not perfect yet, it can be used together with human skills to deliver quicker and more efficient translation services. This use of translation service has advanced to a point where the approach is a lot more efficient. The use of technology enhances the overall translation process and can deliver benefits to the translators and their customers. The human translation services will work faster and on more projects with the customers enjoying the saving on costs.

New players challenging the established translation engines: With a rising demand for translators around the world it is inevitable that new players will enter this marketplace in 2022. We are all set to see start-ups and other disruptors challenging the progress of bigger players in the industry. The use of the artificial neural network has made the transition from conventional translation service to the artificial neural network more accurate and it has also inspired several new entrants in the market. The evolving technology is bound to make things easier for new players to enter into this space.

Improvement in the machine translation technology: As indicated by the CSA research, you can look forward to the machine translation improving in terms of intelligence. This is going to occur in several different ways. For instance, the machine translators will be able to take into consideration several factors such as the gender and age of the author. They will also become increasingly more aware of context and metadata. The result of all this is better quality translation.

Use of audio-visual translation services: The audio-visual translation services especially the video translation services are in great demand and this demand will continue to rise together with the public appetite for video content. Everything from social media, business platforms, to news sites will be flooded with these videos. Most video marketers working in 2021 have plans to use the videos going into 2022. For the companies that went to the trouble of producing video content in several languages the next step is a continuation of their efforts.

The machine translation has become more accurate than ever but it still lacks the subtlety and nuance that can be delivered only by the human translation services. Although it doesn’t matter for some documents, it will not suffice for others. It depends a great deal on who the target audience is. One thing is certain, the translation engines will pave a way for this sector to undertake the translation work more efficiently.

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