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The Future of Gen Z in The Workplace

Job transitions are currently up 80% year over year for Generation Z. This leaves many wondering what this means for recruitment professionals, as well as for the future of work. As we currently stand, Gen Z is becoming a major force in the modern workplace. However, companies are facing unrivaled challenges around Gen Z recruitment and retention. Nearly 75% of hiring managers say that Gen Z is the most difficult generation to deal with in the workplace, making it a top priority to figure out better ways to work with this group of people.

There are currently three major factors that are fueling the Generation Z hiring gap. However, changing workplaces in a post-COVID world, unnecessary workplace friction, and misaligned career expectations are only the start of the struggle that companies are facing today. Early career turnover rates are affecting us more than we know. With time and money on the line, and an uncertain future looming, it is paramount that these companies learn what it takes to keep Gen Z on payroll. 

Establishing clear expectations between employees and employers is a solid start to this progress. Being more transparent, offering more respect, and nurturing meaningful connections within the company can also be a game changer. With intentional communication and a high level of understanding between employers and their Gen Z employees, the chance for success in the workplace will skyrocket.

The Future of Gen Z in The Workplace

Source: Abode HR

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