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Free Essay Writing Online:
Real Life or Just Fantasy?

Would you write a high-quality English essay for someone for free? Such work would take at least a day from your life, and if it’s not for a dear friend, maybe you wouldn’t be thrilled about it. All kinds of work have to be rewarded.

Let’s see, if you want a high-quality, non-plagiarized paper written especially for you, prepare to pay for it. But don’t get discouraged, services such as are suitable for any budget due to the free features and overall affordable rates. Their writers will create an amazing A+ paper, helping you get some rest and make free time for other activities.

Free Essay Examples and Other Free Bonuses from Writing Services

A free essay writing service implies that you can get:

  • Free formatting for your paper;
  • Free samples;
  • Free plagiarism checking tools;
  • Free paragraphs as a bonus for your loyalty;
  • Free inquiries;
  • Free unlimited revisions.

That’s a lot of things, and if a company provides such bonuses, it means they care. By the way, you can find almost all of these free things on WritingEssays!

The Dangers of Using Free Essays as Your Own

Some students buy free essays or just download a random paper and hand it in as their own. There's a number of disadvantages to such an approach.

First of all, plagiarism. It’s the plague of modern times when the intellectual property needs more security than ever. You can find a free course, program, guide, example, tutor, or service. But, they are usually created for familiarization unless specified otherwise.

Free tests, tutorials, courses, or examples may be safe and it’s absolutely fine using them. However, if we’re talking about downloading someone’s essay and changing the name of the owner, that will cause problems like:

  • Your paper being rejected;
  • Poor quality of writing;
  • Your reputation being destroyed;
  • A penalty of your college’s choice;
  • Other consequences of plagiarized material.

Another danger is malware. It’s software that gets installed on your laptop or PC and harms the system. There are a lot of websites and programs online containing different kinds of malware. Some people don’t pay attention to the extension of the file they download and get fooled into providing their data to scammers.

By the way, scam is another danger of using suspicious sources of seemingly free essays. There are countless examples of students providing their passwords, ID or bank account information to unreliable sites.

What Kind of Writing Services to Use Then?

You can find a helper that won’t fool you and will deliver the best essays on any topic for a very cheap price. Here are some facts about safe services like WritingEssays:

  • Their writers are from all over the world, the UK and the US included;
  • Their website is safe and easy to use;
  • They cover all possible types and topics of academic papers;
  • They test the writers, encourage them to take courses, participate in contests, and practice all the time;
  • Their essays are always based on books, peer-reviewed articles, etc. with all book authors specified;
  • There’s no fake review about them, only true customers’ messages.

This is a kind of writing platform you need to get a high-quality essay almost for free. It’s safe, thousands of students have already used it, and they are always ready to welcome another client.

In conclusion, free essay writing service with high-quality papers are more of a fantasy. However, reliable companies can help you save a lot of money on buying academic papers. They offer a lot of bonuses and free features. Besides, their prices are very affordable, suitable for any budget.

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