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Fred Auzenne Shares Winning Tips to
Create a Positive Company Culture

Company culture is supposed to be the shared beliefs, values, and attitudes that motivate and guide your firm. How you treat your employees and customers is a true reflection of your corporate culture. It is known to impact the kind of applications you attract for job vacancies or open positions. A strong and enabling work culture is best for boosting efficiency and productivity, enhancing employee enhancement, and decreasing turnover rates.

According to Forbes, company culture is a vital part of the business. It impacts almost every aspect of an organization, right from enhancing employee satisfaction to recruiting the best talent in the industry. It serves as the backbone of a contented workforce. Without a positive work culture, several employees will find it challenging to identify the real value in what they do. It will culminate in a host of negative consequences for an organization’s bottom line. As per the findings of research conducted by Deloitte, around 88 percent of employees and 94 percent of executives firmly believe that a robust corporate culture is integral to an organization’s success.

Identify Clear Departmental Goals 

Determine specific objectives or goals for each team so that every department has tangible outcomes to aspire for and work hard towards gaining them. It will prove to be helpful in guiding or giving the right direction to individual performance. A set of common goals will motivate, encourage, and inspire collaboration and teamwork between the members of a team. You need to allow some space or scope for feedback for adjusting KPIs and quotas when required.

Focus on Promoting the Goals of an Organization

Besides setting precise departmental goals, you should make all your employees aware of the long-term objectives of your company. It will help your employees to inculcate a deep commitment toward accomplishing their professional goals. They will have a source of inspiration and motivation beyond just worrying about quarterly quotas. They will realize that each one of them has a responsibility and a vital role to play toward accomplishing the organization’s mission.

Employee Recognition Programs Always Pay 

You should give top priority to recognizing and rewarding employees for accomplishing brilliant results. It will encourage and motivate your employees to achieve taller professional targets. They will take immense pride in being a part of the organization. When you recognize or reward an employee, others in your team will be motivated to boost their efficiency and overall productivity. This sort of friendly competition will culminate in high performance and healthy work culture.

Demonstrate Your Concern for Employee Wellness

Fred Auzenne firmly believes that no company can expect to nurture a positive work culture without happy and healthy employees. Employees should be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to contribute positively towards creating a robust corporate culture. Organizations should give top priority to employee wellness. Authorities should make it their top priority to provide ample resources, the right tools, and adequate on-site healthcare opportunities to employees so that they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 


Organizations should focus on encouraging and boosting positivity. They should work toward encouraging a positive ambiance in the workplace. There should be an air of positivity everywhere in the workplace. Positivity should be promoted every single day. Employers should express their gratitude, smile more often, and stay optimistic and focused even in crises. Employers should always try their best to lead by example. Your organization will forge ahead and be successful if you create a positive corporate culture where everybody feels welcomed, valued, and respected.

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