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How to Fix Common Digital Camera Errors?

If your digital camera is malfunctioning, don't panic! On this page, we’ll walk you through top effective ways to efficiently fix common digital camera errors conveniently.

Are you a professional photographer or someone stuck in a critical situation of some kind of digital camera error? Perhaps you have searched for many possible ways to resolve the issue, but you are still yet to find the best solution. Well, before sending your digital camera out for repair, it’s recommended you stick to this page.

Yes, in this article, you’ll discover possible effective ways to fix common digital camera errors without compromising your camera functionalities. So, keep reading to know more.

Camera Lens Error

One of the common errors many folks battles while using the camera is the camera lens error. This error mostly affects cameras with barrel-style lens and is caused by either dust, dirt, or sand deposits in a camera lens. Plus, it can also be a result of the lens not being placed in its perfect position.

Well, to solve such an issue, you should carefully clean the camera lens region. Probably there is slight dust, dirt, or sand in it, though it's advisable to use a hairdryer to clean the areas where there's no heat risk.

If the cleaning solution did not work out, do not hesitate to execute a quick check on the positioning of the lens. And if you, unfortunately, find the camera lens tilted, you can gently shift the lens back to its position.

Note: Camera lens errors are sensitive and can be a very risky DIY operation. Thus, if you unluckily get stuck in such a situation, it might be safer to seek the help of a camera expert to resolve the issue.

Wet Camera Error

Imagine a crazy scenario seeing your camera fall into a bucket of water, a deep pool, or a river. No doubt, this would hurt anyone.

Anyway, you don't have to panic because errors from such a mishap can be fixed. But, the chances of fixing it still depend on how long the camera spends inside the water and the amount of water immersed into it.

First things first, you've got to let the camera dry completely. You can do this by taking out the camera batteries and opening all its necessary compartments that must dry up. Though if it falls into salt water, you must wipe off the camera to prevent further spoilage. To it all, the camera must be left to dry for at least a week to ensure every component is perfectly dried, and no wet feeling is in it. Afterward, you can couple it back. But, this time, you might need to get a new battery and a new SD card for the camera.

Note: Never try to turn on your camera immediately after you remove it from the water. Do so will prevent the device from short-circuiting.

Camera Shutter Error

Just like the lens error, shutter issues are also very common in digital cameras, thus, preventing the device from taking good shots. Probably your camera gets stuck in an open position, your photos might become overexposed. But if it doesn't open on the other hand, then the photos would be raven. The solutions below can help you resolve camera shutter errors without any complications.


  • To solve this kind of error, first, consider checking the camera lens, and if, fortunately, you find any particles on it, don't hesitate to clean it up. Then, clean the area around the shutter and lens by using a can filled with compressed air.
  • Have you tried the first recommendation, but it did not work out? Rest easy! You can also try out the shutter priority or manual option to alter the shutter speed to the lowest settings possible. However, if your camera doesn't support manual modes, you can easily set up scenes used for taking photos at low light mode, eg. Sunset/Fireworks. On doing that, you should take a photo instantly, and once the camera takes the shot, quickly take out the battery, but don't switch it off.
  • In addition to that, if you're using a camera without the Manual settings option, then you must be super quick in removing batteries from the camera once you take a shot. By doing this, the camera shutter will probably get interrupted and start to release.

Note: You might have to repeat this process several times.

Software Error

When your camera software becomes corrupted by a virus, its functionality will never remain the same. Thus, employ the given solutions to resolve such a problem efficiently.

In a camera software error scenario, the best thing to do first is to download its latest software update. You do this by searching for the newest firmware update of your device model, install it, and instantly update the camera. But, if the software update doesn't work out, then you can opt-in for the factory reset option and rest your camera back to the factory setting.

SD Card Error

Another rampant problem faced by most camera users today is the SD card error. Although this usually occurs in different ways, the crazy thing is it usually takes a while before one could even realize his/her camera is facing such a problem. Thus, to give users a heads up on the SD card error that may appear in your camera, we've explained some ideas below for you to browse through. So, stop hesitating, and read further.

When The Camera Doesn't Recognize The Memory Card

In this case, there are three reasons why a camera might not recognize the memory card. It could either be as a result of incompatibility of the memory card with the camera, corrupt memory card, or full SD card storage.

Yes, many folks are unaware that different cameras use different cards. While some support SD cards, others use only XD cards or CF cards, plus, not all SD cards work with all kinds of cameras. So, it's advisable you be careful and purchase only the type of card your camera needs.

Anyway, using a corrupt memory, on the other hand, gives your camera no chance of being able to detect the inserted card. Thus, on such an occasion you’ll have to get a new SD card. But if eventually, it’s the chip of the card that has a problem, you probably have to take the card to a memory card specialist for repair.

In addition to that, if the inserted SD card has full storage, the camera would say it can’t find any memory card, thus leaving all photos or videos unsaved.

When The Camera Displays Write Error

Memory Card Not Formatted
If in the process of using your camera, and suddenly, you get an error message saying “SD Card not formatted”, then there’s a problem with the SD card. Perhaps, its file system has changed to RAW!

All you’ve got to do in such a scenario is to change the SD card to keep using the camera, and if, fortunately, you backed up files on the previous card, you can easily reach out to your photos and videos via backup. But, if otherwise, then you’ve got to employ a powerful data recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit to retrieve all data on the SD memory card lightning-fast.

Note: If you change your mind to keep using the faulty SD memory card, it’s recommended that you format it using a mobile phone. By doing so, you’ll keep the card in a compatible format that will enable it to work on the camera.

Stepwise Guide To Recover Data From After Fixing The Camera SD card Error

Step 1: Select SD Memory Card

In the first phase, connect the camera memory card to your PC using a USB flash drive. Afterward, launch Recoverit data recovery app, select the connected SD memory card, and click the ‘START’ button to begin the process.

digital camera error

Step 2: Scan SD Memory Card

Once you click the scan button, Recoverit would instantly commence an all-around scan on the memory card to search out all lost data on it.

digital camera error

Step 3: Preview & Recover Lost Data

On completion of the scanning process, all lost data that was found would be displayed on your PC screen. You only have to preview them and hit the Recover button to retrieve your files instantly.

digital camera error


Fixing the common digital camera errors is not a hard task. Although some errors require the help of a specialist for efficient resolution, this page has covered the top 5 common errors of a camera that can be resolved just within a few clicks and few touches. However, if everything goes out of hands, and you want to get back deleted photos or video files, advanced data recovery tools like Wondershare Recoverit can always come in handy to be a game-changer for you.

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