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Fernando Aguirre Executive Vice Chairman of DHS Ventures

Fernando Aguirre

Fernando Aguirre's success story is one of a visionary, risk-taking entrepreneur who has driven multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.

With over two decades of experience in executive leadership, corporate development, major nonprofit fundraising, and real-life business experience, Fernando is a corporate business driver who has earned the reputation of being a "matchmaker" for his ability to bring out the best in people.

Fernando Aguirre Business Approaches

Fernando Aguirre practical approach to business development, innovative fundraising techniques, and inspiring servant leadership values have made him an architect of change.

He believes leadership is not just about title, tenure, or position but rather a moment-to-moment choice and how we should live.

This view has made him a successful corporate leader and strategist.

His Experience

As the Vice Chairman of DHS Ventures, Fernando manages all of the group's operations and leads the liaison panel between DHS Holdings' leadership and its stakeholders.

He also oversees all activities related to local, national, and international governmental affairs on behalf of his client's interests.

With years of experience in public affairs and corporate leadership, he has served as a major strategic and fundraising consultant for various organizations and was an invaluable asset to political campaign teams.


Fernando's passion for philanthropy and education has driven him to work towards eliminating barriers to school reforms and improving student performance.

He has served as the Executive Vice President of Global Corporate Philanthropy for Blockbuster Entertainment, LLC, and managed $74 million annually of allowable funds for nonprofits.

He has also worked as an advisor to The Teaching Commission and Achieve, organizations that drive high academic standards for public schools nationwide.

Fernando Aguirre Background

Fernando lives with his wife in Atlanta, GA. He can exceed expectations at work, travel to exotic places, or support causes he cares about, such as education, animal welfare, social justice, and human rights. His vision of a world where poverty, terrorism, and the disparity in access to education and technology can be eradicated has guided his career for decades.

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