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7 Best Farewell Gift Ideas for a Colleague

A colleague's farewell is often a bitter-sweet moment that we always try to make special. A well-organized farewell party for that co-worker is a great way to make them feel special while sending them off. There are many ways to make a farewell party memorable, like decorating the venue, arranging refreshments, putting on some music, and creating a great vibe.

However, farewell gifts are a vital element in such an occasion, as the gifts will stay with that friend of yours for a long time. So, here are seven super cool farewell gift ideas for your colleague.

Gift Idea

Seven Incredible farewell Gift Ideas for your Colleague

  1. Memory Book

During your long career with your co-worker, you must have taken several random photographs together. It need not only be a genuine portrait of the person. You should include all the important milestones you have reached together, including photos of official tours and even those pictures where you both are having random naps.

Collect all such photos and put them together in a book. Not only will your colleague like it, but they will also cherish the memory of such cute moments for a long time. Additionally, you may create an artistic cover for the memory book, as it will give it that added touch.

Gift Idea
  1. Card Decks

Playing cards have a charm of its own, especially for card lovers. Besides being one of the most popular pastime games, many people have the habit of collecting cards. Many retirees build the habit of participating in casinos and poker tournaments after they end their professional lives.

Moreover, card games are generally appreciated and enjoyed by almost everyone. So, beautiful card decks can be an excellent choice to gift on a farewell to your colleague. You can easily find some custom decks in the market that can please the eyes of your colleague.

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug

If your colleague is a coffee lover, there is a high chance that they use a coffee mug many times a day. A perfect gifting item for such co-workers is a personalized coffee mug. You can get some inspirational or funny quotes printed on the mug to make the mug even more attractive.

Feel free to stick a photo where you two are together or a funny name of your colleague which can make them happy at the same time. Ultimately, the coffee mug will always remind them about those hectic workdays and your coffee sessions.

Gift Idea
  1. A Bag Full of Snacks

We all have that foody friend to whom everything comes second to good food. They are famous for preferring edibles over other so-called memorable gifts. If you have a co-worker whom you have always seen munching on all kinds of snacks, it is good to gift them an entire pack of yummy snacks.

If you know their food habits, buy all those items and pack them neatly. It is better to choose three to five items instead of only one. Additionally, you can add an item that is specifically healthy for your food-loving colleague.

  1. Board Games

Generally, people have a lot of free time after retiring from regular office work. Such time is ideal for testing their cognitive skills with some challenging board games. Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Ludo are entertaining board games that your colleague can enjoy with family members.

However, chess is the ultimate board game that can make your co-worker get intense in the maze of all those tricky moves. So, depending on the mindset and patience level of your colleague, it is always a good idea to gift them a board game. You can customize the cover of the board games with some personalized messages that will remind your colleague of your past friendship every time they play such games.

Gift Idea
  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

At the end of a busy professional life, it always feels soothing to immerse yourself in heart-touching music. Noise-canceling headphones provide a top-notch listening experience by reducing unnecessary ambient sounds coming from your surroundings.

Such headphones also have the option of Bluetooth connections, which gets rid of the need to handle long wires. When buying these headphones for your colleague, choose one that has very soft padding so that your friend can use it all day long.

  1. Thermostat Water Bottle

A thermos is a handy little companion that helps keep liquids hot or cold. It is a bottle having a double-walled container. It maintains the temperature of the fluids through insulation. So, if your colleague is fond of traveling to places or just likes a hot drink now and then, a thermostat water bottle could be a cute and thoughtful gift.

These bottles come in different measurements ranging from 500 ml to 2000 ml. Before making the purchase, make sure that the bottle is made of BPA-free stainless steel.

Final Words

Throwing farewells to an old colleague is never an easy thing. It often becomes an emotional occasion where you wish each other well for the rest of your lives. The gift ideas listed above express this love and affection for your colleague. If you know the likes and dislikes of your co-worker, you can easily choose the ideal gift that will make your bond all that stronger.

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