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Facts About Russell Brand

Russell is a professional comedian, an activist, actor, and radio presenter. He has performed several movies and films.

Early life

Russell Edward Brand was born on 4th June 1975 in Essex, England. His parents, Ronald Henry Brand, a photographer and Elizabeth Barbara, were not privileged to get another child apart from Russell. His parents later separated when he was only six months old. A single mother, therefore, raised him.

When Russell was 8years old, his mother underwent treatment due to severe breast and uterine cancer, and he, therefore, got no other choice rather than to live with relatives. At 14 years of age, he was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa.

Russell later got some disagreements with his mother's partner, where he decided to move away from home at 16. The situation wasn't easy for him in any way. He started using illegal drugs to overcome stress. Ecstasy, amphetamines, cannabis, and LSD were the most common drugs used to take.


Russell joined Bugsy Malone School of production when he was 15 years of age and later started working as a film extra. In 1991, Russell joined Gray’s school and later accepted to join Italia Counti Academy. The Essex county council paid his first-time school tuition. Russell got expelled due to his weird habit of using illegal drugs.


Russell began his acting career in the year 1994, where he appeared in the series known as mud in The Bill's episode. He then acted on a TV show that was very famous at that time named;

Cruise of the Gods. Before he became famous, he was subjected to perform several series. Finally, he got vast fame in the year 2008 after starring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall film where he acted as the boyfriend of the main character.

Russell has done excellently in stand-up and acting performances. He is very passionate about his works. He officially started his career in the year 2000, where he performed the finals stand-up routine. Bound and Gagged Comedy Ltd agent Nigel Klarfeld decided to hire him. He then served a stand-up performance in the year that followed.

Brand acted on confessional better now in 2004 as the first man, and he did it perfectly. After a year, he performed Erotised Humour and later launched a nationwide tour in the same year. In 2006, he held a stand-up performance at Amnesty International Secret Policeman's Ball, where he played as the sketch.

Russell in 2007, performed for Prince Phillip and Elizabeth II following the acting stuff in 2007 Royal Variety Performance. In 2009, Russell released a DVD named Russell Brand in New York. He then began selling his fame while touring in Australia, UK and America in the same year. He afterwards performed many more comedies.


He became a video journalist on the MTV channel in the year 2000. He hosted all tea-time requests on the show while presenting club nights tours and the dance floor chart in Ibiza and Britain. Also Read about samantha ponder.


Brand enjoyed a relationship with Katy Perry in the year 2009. Katy Perry is a famous singer. They later did a Hindu ceremony to make their marriage official. The tradition has held a year after getting into a relationship.

Their marriage was doing well. The couple announced on social media that they had switched to taking the vegan product for the well-being of their health. In the year 2011, Russell filed for a divorce letter claiming that Perry's net worth was much higher than his. The divorce didn't take long as it processed in July 2012. Brand felt that Katy Perry wasn’t the right match for him.

Russell started dating Jemima Goldsmith from the year 2013. Their relationship didn't last long as they broke up after one year of dating.

In the year 2015, Russell began a relationship with Scottish blogger and Laura Gallacher. He later married Gallacher and shared with her a girl child. They later got another child called Peggy.


Russell has won several awards in his career. His first award came along his way in the year 2006 where he became the best stand-up performer with the Time Out Award. He was again awarded the Loaded Laftas Award in the same year. The awards motivated him to put more effort into his works. He has won many other awards making him shine bright and brighter.

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