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Fabrication for Business: How to Succeed

Many businesses out there need some sort of fabrication to bring their products to life. It can be a hard and drawn out process. There are a multitude of aspects to consider and if you want your product or service to succeed you need to make sure the fabrication and manufacture of your key components goes off without a hitch. Here are some key steps you and your business can take when looking for fabrication solutions. Each business may have differing criteria that sets them apart but these tips can give you things to think about in either case. 

Highlight Why You Need Sheet Metal Fabrication

If your business needs sheet metal fabrication you need to know what exact function it's going to fill. Fabrication is usually used in aerospace, automotive, defense, industry and in a myriad of consumer products. If you haven’t nailed down exactly why you need sheet metal fabrication or what function it’s going to fulfill you need to go back to the drawing board.

In the same vein, you need to know what size and quantity. There’s nothing wrong with first asking for a sample of sheet metal so that you know what you’re dealing with but before you put in a mass order make sure you’ve got your measurements right. 

You can only do this consistently if you know exactly why you need sheet metal fabricated on an industrial scale.

Using 2D.DXF Files? Make Sure They’re Right

Most sheet metal fabrication services use 2D DXF files. You simply upload the DXF file to the website and they’ll check out your needs and wants. This will likely specify thickness of the metal cut, machining process need, material, etc. You need to make sure these files are right. If they aren’t, it can end up wasting time and money. 

Always double check your 2D DXF files because they can easily become corrupted especially if you’re putting a large or complex order through. If you’re worried about the file, follow up with the sheet metal fabrication seattle business and talk to them about it. Sometimes, instant quotes are great, but also for complex requirements it’s good to speak to someone directly. If this is the case it’s probably worth doing so in advance of putting the 2D DXF file online.

If not, ask for a colleague or friend to double check the DXF file to make sure that there’s nothing simple you’ve missed out on.

Pick The Right Material

Sheet metal printing doesn’t come in too many materials, but there are a few depending on the application. A few examples are:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Galvanized Steel

To name a few. You can usually get these finished in differing ways too. Again, a few examples are: 

  • Anodized
  • Powder Coat
  • Chemical Film
  • Bead Blast

You need to pick the right material and the right finish. Again, this is completely dictated by what you’re going to use them for so you need to put time and effort into researching exactly what your application needs.

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