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Top 5 Experienced Telugu Song Lyricists in 2020

If we talk about the song or music, it is necessary to say that a lyricist is the main one to create a piece. Because when a lyricist wrote the songs, then a song is fully prepared to listen. Thus a songwriter is necessary for music. There are many songwriters in the industry of Telugu.

It is also notable that they are very well experienced in this song written sector. So now we are discussing about the best songwriters of the Telugu music industry. If you are waiting to see their experience, I will tell you that you are staying is just finished. We have come with this information. You can also view naa songs for more Telugu songs. Just see below.

Ramajogayya Sastry

He is the entirety of the best lyricists of Telugu songs. I was also saying that he predominantly works as the lyricist of Telugu movies. He initiated his appearance in the Kannada movie as a lyricist of t5he songs, and then he came to the spotlight. When he enters this profession, he earned a significant award, name the Nandi Award for the Best Songwriter for the song Sada Siva Sansaayi from the film Khaleja.

Indeed he is the best lyricist in the Telugu industry and made many lyrics for the Telugu movie, and most of the songs were hit at the box office. By doing this activity, he made a big fan base. It is also needed to say that he also works with many viral and famous artists like Jr NTR, Mahesh Babu, and many more.

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

He is the legendary songwriter of Telugu films. It is crucial to say that there is no one who denies his popularity. After all, he is the best songwriter at this moment now. In 1984 he executed his introduction in the film Janani Janmabhoomi. Since then, he works in many movies as a songwriter and earned immense fame for his best performance.

For his best performance, he gets the Nandi Award for the best lyricist of Telugu songwriter. Even he is a prominent songwriter who made numerous songs in his full life. Also, it is explored that he is an experienced artist in the Telugu industry.


As we mentioned in the previous essay that there are many experienced lyricists in the Telugu industry. Still, among them, Chandrabose is the best and expert songwriter in telugu movie songs. He is the best Tollywood songwriter who made his debut in 1995. It is a talking speech that he works with many famous artists too.

For his best performance, he gets many prestigious awards. Even he has also done in his hand many movies as a songwriter of the songs. Almost all the peoples know about him and his experience in the Telugu music industry as a lyricist. Cheekatitho Veluge Cheppanu in Nenunnanu one of his famous songs, which help to get him many awards and honor.


In the concluding division of the article, we want to include these three lyricists as the renowned songwriter present in the Telugu movie. They are also the highest paid lyricist in Telugu now. Also, they made many famous songs that are very euphonious to listen.

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